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...this time, unexpectedly.

It's last week's episode, part 3, with the weirdest celebrity fanart.
ANd it's this one 
Rhett n Link in kiddy dresses by Chocoreaper

I was still at work, watching the video at 144p, and when they showed this one at first they censored everything but the faces, and at first I was like "those faces look familiar, it kinda looks like how I draw faces" and then the full reveal comes up and I was SHOCKED. Like WHAT'S MY PICTURE DOING UP THERE?

Now this was unexpected cuz the Powerpuff gif of them on a see-saw, they've got someone ask me for permission to put up there in Buddy System so I was informed earlier. But with this one, I think they just kinda randomly came across on the internet, and I wasn't expecting them to find this one at all.
[originally posted on the art blog]

Okay so I made that gif 3 years ago, based on one of the endings of GMM where R&L played in the park, & I only took the see-saw scene.

Just recently, this month, someone in deviantART told me that this gif's featured in their Youtube Red show Buddy System, in season 2.

I couldn't be more proud, this was the first time something I made actually got featured in a TV show.
To clarify, a few months before this, one of the post-production crew contacted me via first, then email, asking for my permission to feature the gif on Buddy System cuz Link found it online & he liked it. I'm still thankful for him, for reaching out to me and being an overall chill guy, and the crew, too.

So when the episode is out I was like... FINALLY!

[originally posted on the personal blog]

Recently there's been a trend on instagram with copying celebrities' and models' photos for a week. It's sort of a challenge, seeing if one can make the copied photos as similar to the original ones as possible. First I thought, this, I gotta see.

I came accross some vids on Youtube, probably cuz I've been searching everywhere for copycat/imitation stories or news in some sites, so that automatically popped up on my Youtube recommendation.

Here are some of the best ones in terms of similarity: [X][X][X]
Tumblr pics this time

she's copying another Youtuber

and she's even copying her BFF's photos

On one side I mostly enjoy these cuz I love copycat challenges, being pro-copying and all. Seeing people recreate something and making their own versions of it gives out its own brand of satisfaction, that "if they can do it i can do it too!" positive impression. And, with these ordinary Youtubers (not even popular ones cuz I've never heard of them before) copying famous celebrities, they gave out that robin hood vibe; stealin' some attention from the attention-rich.

On the other hand, part of me felt dissatisfied, sorta like being treated unfairly. For several years when I copy other people's pictures I've always met negative remarks and sometimes even hate. Having spent time in deviantART in my teenage years, I was always told that copying and being a copycat limits my creativity, that people who get caught copying on the internet are bound to get roasted and made fun of, and that if someone copies others' creations cuz they think they can be just as successful, they're dead wrong.
But like, look at them, openly copying these celebs and models, and gaining positive encouraging comments from the viewers. Suddenly the internet thinks copying's alright? Suddenly they think copying is a challenge, much like how I view copying others' drawings whose levels are above mine?
I mean I'm really happy for them but at the same time I wanted to punch a wall. Not anymore though.

And another thing, these youtubers also mentioned after they copied celebrities' photos, their likes and follower count grew. I find this unbelievable cuz it's basically a copycat's mentality come true, by copying these famous people they gained a portion of the popularity. That sorta debunked that whole thing about copying someone's stuff does not equal copying their popularity, huh?

Okay okay I'm gonna stop there. Maybe there are reasons why their copying is alright and mine wasn't (at the time). It could be that:

1. They only copied photos while i copied drawings, and I ain't talking about professional photography. These are just random selfies and phone snapshots. Illustrations and comics are on the same level as proper photography and photomanipulation (like Joel Robison's works, and that one case he wrote about someone painstakingly recreating his photos, he was amazed at the copycat's effort but still bothered by why he did all that) , while these random instagram shapshots they're copying are... Idk probably equivalent to sketchbook doodles. If there ever was a doodle-copying challenge maybe people weren't gonna be as pissed about it as when someone copies a "proper illustration" posted on art sites.

2. These Youtubers posted the celebs' original photos alongside their copies on Instagram, so though they technically didnt ask for permission, the celebs are automatically credited so it's all good.
(with drawings it's best to do this too, put the original picture alongside your copy just in case youve asked the original artist for permission and they didn't respond).

Though everyone's pretty chill on this Instagram copycat challenge, some of these Youtubers admitted they've also received negative comments from the fans of the celebs whose photos they copied. Maybe they're just unaware of this trend, or maybe they're being copyright extremists. Idk.

With all that the conclusion's gotta be: the internet responds more to people copying drawings than people copying photos.

[Originally posted in my personal blog]

In 2010 I made a 4koma comic strip series 'Meet R2' as a small segment of my Comic Dumps, meant to be a hilariously exaggerated version of myself and what I do. Some of them are humorous, however, in the earlier strips I portrayed this R2 character having several mental illnesses for the lulz, cuz back then it was vaguely ok to joke about conditions like OCD, ADHD, etc.
That's cute, 2010-me, but yer dead wrong.

Now, having been educated with mental illnesses and conditions due to randomly researching, reading these comics again made me look as if I'm mocking people who suffer from these actual illnesses, or if not, trying to be relatable to them by pretending to know what one supposedly suffer from these illnesses, which is a complete jerk move. This is serious matter not worth being joked about. I've got a couple of friends with depression, one friend with bipolar disorder, and another one with DID. They've told their stories to me and at first they sounded way different from what I imagined. Parts of what they say I find relatable, but not to the extreme.They're suffering the extremeties cuz they can't help it. I don't.
I never thought of myself as having any kind of mental illness or disorder. Sure I'm a proud self-proclaimed weirdo since high school and I tend to act & react differently compared to my friends, which made them wonder if I have some sort of mental condition. Sometimes I wonder about that too, but for now I'm still undiagnosed, and I don't really like to think of myself as having any mental conditions.

For starters, i've got anxiety like a lot of people in this world, but not up to the point of it being a disorder. Sure there's the constant overthinking, and it disrupts my work process when I'm suddenly hyperventilating and twitching and my fingers feel numb and I had to stop for a few minutes to calm down, but that's only disturbing, not debilitating. It's still at a normal level.

Sadness and momentary mood loss does NOT equal depression. I've been with friends who were once passionate about something but left their passion months later cuz everything overturned for them, or they don't have the will to keep it up anymore, unable to feel satisfied. Being with depressed close friends I noticed a pattern of them disappearing from my life completely and then suddenly reappearing, which kept on for several years before completely vanishing, as if they've given up on friendships in fear of them boring/hurting us, or us hurting them. Or, like their passion & hobbies, they've lost the will to keep friendships.

Having a lot of thoughts in my head due to overthinking makes me unable to concentrate on something I'm currently doing. Sometimes I can't pay attention to what someone's talking but focusing on parts of their faces instead, sometimes my thoughts keep me away from following the storyline in the book I read. It doesn't have to mean ADD/ADHD. It's all normal if it's only momentarily. People with ADHD are still unable to even focus on the things they do as much as they want to, despite having plenty of willpower and having done a lot of effort to help them concentrate like changing the environment, etc.

It's not OCD if I keep repeating certain phrases or doing weird gestures to keep embarrassing memories or irrational thoughts away whenever they come back. Everybody does that. People with OCD can't stop doing and repeating certain physical things to relieve their burning anxiety or scary/deadly thoughts eventhough they're aware it's hurting them.

Being extremely moody doesn't have to mean bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder. I've had a friend with BPD documenting her days and what seemed like the start of a normal day for her would be filled with sudden outbreaks and episodes, and she has no power over it, or how she's gonna act or feel towards the people in her lives. I could say the same thing with my bipolar friend though those two are different conditions. Her tweets have really distinct moods and when she's pissed, she's pissed af, when she's excited, she's super excited and there's no in-between for her. After years I finally learnt that when she says she deeply hates someone she might not really mean it, and eventually her spending money on lots of cute things and her previous self-harm made sense.

Though sometimes I see and hear things, and feel as if I'm transported somewhere momentarily, they're just imagination-induced hallucinations. It's not schizophrenia if I'm aware that the voices I constantly hear are inside my head eventhough sometimes I can't control them. Talking to myself out loud like there's 2-3 of me doesn't make me schizophrenic. Everyone has voices in their heads, sometimes with different pitches, personalities and often times conflicting opinions. All the voices I hear sound like me, and I'd like to think of them as me from different timelines with different ages, all living together and sharing a body. And yep, this is definitely NOT dissociative identity disorder, cuz my collective selves are conscious at the same time, constantly having conversations and roasting each other. From what my friend with DID told me, she couldn't recall any memories whenever her other personality wakes up. They don't "activate" at the same time, pretty much like the depiction in movies. But at one point she was aware of a third inactive personality, watching the other two in the back like a movie. I interpreted how she felt like a computer having two or more CPUs, and how I felt like only one CPU with multiple storage devices attached.

And lastly, I get twitches and sometimes react violently to awful or embarrassing past flashbacks, but it's not PTSD. From what I remember I never suffered traumatic events such as abuse, the death of someone close, witnessing a murder and the likes.

If anyone were to use any of these illnesses & conditons as insults to me, someone who doesn't have any of these, it'll be offensive to my friends and others who DO have them.

Oh wait what am I doing. Maybe I'll continue Meet R2 again if I have ideas, I'll just discard the strips that make fun of mental illnesses, or if the jokes are worth keeping I'll just change the words.

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I was reblogging Steven Universe stuff & found these two
Steven Universe: Peridot Joined Your Party by Neodusk

Diiives: I couldn't resist XD

I guess the intro was a common idea & everyone sees it that way.

...cuz I'm too lazy to submit them as deviations.

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Especially if you wanna ask questions or remind me of your comments that I havent replied yet. Just say your dA name as you ask.

Also, I'm on Tapastic if you wanna read my webcomics [Jealous Cats Copycats | Web Cubecakes | Sin Cakes]

Speaking of, someone's been asking me about Reaerpunk Inc stuff from 8 years ago like they're trying to purposely use my past to haunt me. I'm a little suspicious, though it might be just one anon, it also might be different anons.
I compiled all the questions right here btw.
Haven't logged on to dA for so long and
the layout CHANGED

as does Tumblr's layout. (Soup you need to catch up)
So I'm participating on this whole #Inktober thing (because why not) and I'm gonna doodle everyday, but they seem kinda off if they were to be posted individually in deviantART. Maybe I should compile every Inktober doodles I did into one giant collage by the end of october AND THEN submit it here. Maybe :hmm:

Here's what I got for now.


THESE ARE THE BLUE FAIRIES COMICS I’M TALKING ABOUT. The never-before-seen unpublished ones.

This here is where I get the name Chocoreaper from. She’s one of the characters here. I started these when I was like 12-13 and OH GLOB THEY FRICKIN LOOK LIKE MAHOU SHOUJO MANGA WITH A TWIST OF HE-MAN IN IT HAHA HAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

And yeah they’re written in Indonesian instead of English, because originally this comic was intended for my sisters and their friends (who were still kids back then) & not a personal comic. Sorry if the quality isn't good enough. There's no scanner for the moment.
It's all abut Mystique (Raven Darkholme) so it seems. Kinda need to figure out which few characters are which, since I havent been updated on X-Men stuff since, i dont know 2009? :shrug:

It doesn't have that much humor compared to the usual movies I've watched, but there is one particular part however, that gets everyone's laughs blasting throughout the cinema. QUICKSILVER'S LIFT SCENE. With him moving the bullets away & making the guards punch each other & pose weirdly with soothing music on. It reminds me of that Spider-man vs The Lizard fight scene with Stan Lee in the background reading. Quicksilver has became my favorite character in this movie only.

A question though, why is he called Peter in the movie when his name's actually Pietro (despite meaning basically the same thing)?
Also, How did Kitty get that mind-transportation power? I thought her power was just passing through stuff.

Speaking of Stan Lee, If i'm right Mystique transformed into him briefly.

Somebody should make a Wolverine version of that Doctor Who "Listen here you little shit" pic with Logan's derpface.…
Old idea from an old comic from 2010... decided to animate it now cuz finally I'm unemployed (SOMEBODY HALP T~T ) and have plenty of time to do some animation & bring some of my comic ideas to life.

The idea here is a very surreal animation with fireflies, leaves & other nature stuff getting in action. Once the title card is shown it'll make the cueless watchers realize that everything suddenly clicks. It's a tampon commercial (and a very WTF one).

Also, someone should make this thing for real in the future. Imagine a jelly-like tampon (non edible though) that absorbs blood like a normally-functioning tampon, but will have the texture, feel and smell of jelly. It'll be flexible as hell when plopping in & plopping back out if it's done absorbing blood. Convenient (also perfect for making your friends freak out).

According to Blink-182 nobody likes you when you're 23, but Hilary Duff said have a Sweet 16, so...

This doesnt mean I'm an adult though. I'm still a kid, cuz I haven't proven myself to be an adult yet. Can you say TWENTEENAGER? *nudgewink*

Got three cakes too, no regrets. Guess the one good thing about being celebrated in Jakarta is they've got cakes.

Thanks for all your birthday wishes, guys, and it's May so I figure it's always been busy around this month due to exams & assignments & projects & work, or whatever you guys are having at the moment.

Oh and also because of this fanart from 2011, the team sent me a shirt and a tank top.

lovin' 'em. also I can show off my guns now.
So if you guys have some artworks, journals or polls that I'd like to see, or that needs more comments, you can just post them here. Show me all your stuff (that you feel necessary).
Because I'm bored.
And I'm completely cool with people copying my stuff.
So I challenge you guys to pick one or some of my artworks and make complete copycats out of yourselves. Go ahead and copy my drawings, and I'll be the judge.

One tip in this challenge though, DO NOT TRACE. If you wanna copy someone's drawings properly, reference them. Take some of the ideas, the concept, the style, the color scheme, but don't ever trace cuz come on, you're better than that.

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I was just messing around with photoshop cuz I saw this picture of Brendon acting like a koala, which reminds me of another picture of Patrick actually holding a koala.
Where did all these +4000 notes come from?

On another page, I'm almost done with this comic I'm working on, and I'm still jobless too. The companies that planned to hire me still haven't given their answers yet so it's back to the ol' 2012 days.
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This here is taken from my personal blog [here's the direct link to the post] so... yeah. Since my blog rarely gets any views maybe I should repost this here too.

First rant of the year… and this time it’s gonna be a selfish one cuz hey, as long as it’s private and on your blog, you can be selfish once in a while.

It might not be my birthday today, but this is just a thought that I had for years. There’s always that annoying situation where it’s your birthday, you KNOW it’s your birthday and then someone else rained on your parade… with THEIR bigger parade. Turns out it’s also their birthday and they’re having an elaborate party right in your face, stealing the spotlight that’s supposed to be yours. Your family and friends might pat your back, assure everything’s ok and it’s no big deal, but face it. You’re jealous. You’re boiling with both jealousy and envy and you have no clue how to tone it down.

I’ve been in that sitch for probably about several times, but only once on my birthday (at least that’s how I remember it). The rest was either a family member’s or a friend’s birthday, and eventhough it wasn’t mine, I still attended their party/outing and if some strangers outdo their party, I still feel jealous on behalf of the birthday girl/boy even if they never asked me to.

Just think about the general idea of celebrating birthdays for a sec. Why do the human race celebrate birthdays in the first place? It’s a sad fact knowing that you’re one year older and closer to death. We don’t need to celebrate that!
Okay, some people celebrate the fact that they survived living for another one solid year, others celebrate the achievements and accomplishments they’ve succeeded in that year. There’s a lot to celebrate, and probably the last reason is to cheer someone up from feeling like shit knowing that they’re one year closer to death. I kinda like that reason. Treat them like emperors of the world knowing that they’re gonna die any minute from then. And then there are birthday wishes by blowing the candles. Personally I think all that crap isn’t gonna work unless you say your prayers and ask God to make your birthday wish happen . And the number of candles match the number of your age? What’s this, when you’re older you get more wishes? Pffffft.

As silly as all of that sounds we still do it cuz it’s fun. At least to most people it’s fun. It’s as fun as riding a barrel and getting your friend to roll you downhill and send you spinning. Thus, PARTIES. Birthday parties and their birthday games. Usually the elaborate ones are for children, cuz the older we get, the more ‘meh’ our attitude turns towards birthdays, cuz we start thinking about how much party costs our budget too and not just the fun. But screw that, adults are children too, only grown up. Once in a while these serious workaholics need partying too to turn their all-time-downer into an upper.

The way I see it, birthday parties, especially in restaurants and other public places, loudly scream “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY AND I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT. I’M SPECIAL, BOW DOWN TO ME!” although there’s the occasional “you can join in though, free food and party games” too. The And that, my friends, is where this rant dives in further.

Picture you and your gang of friends entering a place with people, usually a restaurant or a park. It’s your birthday, you’re having a great time but not everyone caught your birthday vibes yet. You’re cool with that cuz at least you have friends who celebrate your special day with you.
Suddenly, some douchemofo shows up with even more friends and they’re all singing Happy Birthday to her/him, complete with balloons, streamers, confetti and those weird trumpet thingies. Automatically EVERYONE in the room knows it’s THAT person’s birthday (doesn’t matter whether they care or not) and not YOURS.
Face it, suddenly you’re jealous. You want them to know it’s not just their birthday, it’s your birthday as well. They’re stealing the spotlight on your special day just cuz it’s their special day too, only their piece of cake is bigger than yours, which makes you envious as well as jealous.
You want every single person to know it’s your birthday after that other person announced indirectly that it’s their birthday. Suddenly you want the bigger piece of cake. Had the other person have their party somewhere else, you wouldn’t be acting this way. BUT NOOOOOOOO. You don’t normally announce these kinds of things, but if another person can announce it like that, why can’t you do it too, right?

Best solution to this worst-case-scenario, if your friends are good enough to still raise your bar without party equipments, they’d simply sing Happy Birthday loud enough for everyone else to hear. It might be super embarrassing but pretty soon random strangers will pass by and congratulate you on your birthday, if they care. If they don’t, then who cares, at least everyone at the moment briefly knew it’s the day you were born and your gang are celebrating. You’ve sent your birthday vibes to everyone in the location. BOOM-SHAKALAKA. Hog some of the spotlight for yourself cuz sometimes you have the right to be a teensy bit selfish just for the occasion.

Call me childish but this is what I always urge everyone to do at birthday parties and when other birthday parties clash with the parties we’re attending. For some reason these people whose birthday celebrations I attend don’t like elaborate celebrations. For them outings, movies, dinner, those things are more than enough as long as they have friends with them. Once, this guy who was friends with my sisters celebrated his birthday with us and a couple of more friends in a restaurant, and suddenly a big family sitting next to our table had another birthday party complete with cake and streamers while we were just there eating the restaurant’s food, not even cake for the birthday boy. The moment the big family sang the annoying Happy Birthday song it chiseled a piece of my feels. BUT luckily our group went outside the restaurant and sang the same annoying Happy Birthday song to the birthday boy, and that relieved me. Eventhough it’s not my party I can still feel uncomfortable with the fact that the family’s elaborate party beat his party by a landslide, but in the end if everyone loudly sings that song, or just saying “happy birthday” to him if they don’t like the song, loud enough to grab attention, then it’s all good.

If you share your birthday with friends, it’s a different story, cuz pretty much you guys can celebrate together and fuse your army of friends. If you share it with your significant other, then… I hope your wedding day falls in the same day too, for the lulz.

And that sorta conlcudes my selfish rant on sharing birthdays with strangers. Despite everything I say, try not to be TOO selfish just cuz it’s your birthday. If you do, however, happened to be the one with the big-ass party in some location where someone else is quietly celebrating their birthday, here’s when selflessness comes in. Invite them and their friends to your party because you guys share the same birthday, so why not make their day special too with the elaborate party you have that they don’t? But don’t force them if they don’t wanna be celebrated. Just approach them, say hi, give them a cupcake. This way no envy and jealousy will be involved. S’all good.


To anyone having their birthdays today, I'm sorry if this post offended you, and rock on if this post motivates you in some weird kind of way. :headbang:

I don't feel like writing a Happy New Year journal at all. Neither do I feel like making resolutions for this new year.
Because come on, theres always gonna be the same amounts of ups and downs in every year. There will be achievements too whether we planned them or not. But im not gonna care so much about what those achievements are as long as I'll reach at least one of them this year. And every other year
Another cliffhanger ending just like the previous movie. But hey, Legolas is back and we get to meet Bard and his children :D and oh god Tauriel is WAY badass. And if anyone read the book, tell me if she ends up with Kili in the end or not. Cuz c'mon, it's Kili. WHY NOT?

Smaug needs to get a job, really.
Anyone in here fangirling over Smaug just cuz he's Benedict Cumberbatch?

Speaking of the soundtrack, I still prefer Neil Finn's Song of The Lonely Mountain in the first movie, although in this one, Ed Sheeran's 'I See Fire' is pretty good too. I guess Song of the Lonely Mountain/Misty Mountains just has that "prepare for war" medieval feel that makes anyone wanna clank weapons and scream their battlecry, and thats what I like about it.

Tagged by killahsese [X] . Please ignore this section if you guys don't have anything to do with it.

1. What is your favourite Disney Princess movie?
Probably Mulan, or Tangled or Brave. But I just watched Frozen and it's awesome.

2. Have you watched this cartoon series called Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist?
Nope, never heard of Dex Hamilton.

3. If your answer in (2) is yes, who is your favourite character from Dex Hamilton? If your answer in (2) is no, how about The Amazing Spiez?
I haven't heard of the Amazing Spiez either

4. Who is your favourite member/the only member you can tolerate from One Direction?

5. How about in The Wanted, Emblem3, Union J, and EXO?
*shrug**shrug**shrug* and *shrug*

6. What is the title of your favourite song by Backstreet Boys?
Idk I don't really listen to Backstreet Boys, but I like their song Incomplete. And that mash-up of their song 'Everybody' and Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'

7. Be honest: have you ever thought of how you're going to die?
At times. Scary thoughts.

8. What kind of phone do you use? [If you're a ten-year-old or a thirteen-year-old with a touchscreen smartphone, I'm prolly judging you.]
LG Optimus L7 II. So not mainstream & I'm proud of it.

9. Who is the one celebrity you so badly want to punch in the face? Mine is Justin Bieber.
Bring me a list of any racist, sexist and/or homophobic celebrities out there. Lemme punch them in the face

10. What is your favourite video game OF ALL TIME?!?!?
I DONT PLAY VIDEO GAMES. And even if I do I won't have a favorite.

I don't wanna tag people. I don't like doing these tagging stuff FYI.