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a PC, Mac n Bloo comic

Crossover of Get A Mac ad n Fosters... I dunno why its juz so random.
And yeah, remember 1 Foster's episode called 'Bye Bye Nerdy' or sumfin? the part where Mac tried 2 impress everyone in skool doing the dance? N 1 nerdy kid called him a nerd?
For some reason I feel like that's PC.

And I dunno if I should support Linux... never used Linux b4 (tried installing Ubuntu into dad's laptop but didnt work) but they say it's juz good like that. N i kinda feel Linux is da 3rd party between Windows n Apple. heh.

Get a Mac ads (c) Apple (c) Steve Jobs
Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends (c) Craig McCracken (creator of Powerpuff Girls n somehow related to Bert McCracken. Cuz theyre both Krakens) n some other dudes in cartoon network.
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