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More Hyper Hairdye Hayley Hijinks

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Published: November 19, 2011
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Alright so I've been meaning to draw this comic WAAAAAAAAAY before I got busy working on my final project.

Meanwhile, here's what's happening with Hayley & her hair-dyeing business. She doesn't just use her hairdye bucket, she's got other methods too. That hairdye balloon she threw at Lady Gaga couldve been adopted from what Gerard did last time in the prequel comic aaand of course, the bubblegum dye to match Kerli & her bubblegum photoshoot, and the slurpee dye... cuz Jessie J was drinking a slurpie (though Im not sure if she did IRL)

Nicki Minaj. Lol. I just had to put her in there since she's got rainbow hair too. And it'd be badass if they team up.
p.s. that background in the last panel, yeah, I got it off of the (un?)official Trololo website.

Paramore & all the other celebs featured (c) themselves
Final warning: THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IRL. It's just comic. Once again, if you totally believe this shit, you're high on arsenic.
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ProudPlagueRatHobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha love the Kerli one :D
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you forgot Jared Leto and Gerard Way
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nikki dont dy her hair bcuz she uses wigs bcuz her real hair is fried :P
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KatBurglaressStudent Traditional Artist
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canadawhoreloverHobbyist General Artist
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AmaNinStudent General Artist
Wait, you throw paint at three talented people, but you don't throw paint at Nicki, and instead you worship her? You are fucking mental. Get some help, loser.
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ChocoreaperHobbyist Digital Artist
This isn't the real Hayley btw, it's just a comic. i'm sure the actual Hayley wouldn't act like that.
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ItsMYchemicalromanceStudent Artist
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Tae-RaiHobbyist Writer
I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. Seriously. My friends and I love your comics :rofl:
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ChocoreaperHobbyist Digital Artist
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Ha ha ha! That is so money!
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MrSpiderPigStudent Digital Artist
Lmfaoo At That Nicki Minaj Part
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PandaPotrolHobbyist Traditional Artist
Kerli, Gaga, Nicki, and Jessi.
All my favorite ;D
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FaylenFaroreHobbyist General Artist
LOL Kerli :3
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Kerli!! I love walking on Air. That song is awesome!
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ZombieUnicornTurtleHobbyist General Artist

i remember that from the linkeh thingeh i just looked at like 2 seconds ago :iconteheplz:
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ultima14Hobbyist Writer
i love the last panel
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SophiaJulietteStudent Traditional Artist
LOL. Finally! I love these!!
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omg Gerard dyed his hair back to black
Chocoreaper's avatar
ChocoreaperHobbyist Digital Artist
i know... then again I dont understand why some fans are hysterical about this D: mustve been afraid that he'll lose his killjoy look
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I feel like Gaga would be more enthused xD
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