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Raptor Feast 2018 by ChocolateStarfire Raptor Feast 2018 :iconchocolatestarfire:ChocolateStarfire 0 0 Moongaze-Try Everything by ChocolateStarfire
Mature content
Moongaze-Try Everything :iconchocolatestarfire:ChocolateStarfire 1 3
Iara's Crossing-Chapter 13
Iara’s body lay prone on the ground for what felt like an eternity. She was surrounded by soft moss, slick algae, ferns and calcite rich soil. She shuddered in a sudden breath, her neck jerking spasmodically, her eyes flickering open despite the lack of light around her.
She struggled to sit up, dizzy and weak from the fall and landing. Her plumage was fully raised, her emerald eyeshine aglow in the darkness of the new world around her. She was vaguely reminded of her hatching, a seed of subconscious memory that made her skin crawl.
Drip, drop, drip, drip…
As Iara gradually regained consciousness and awareness she recognized the scent and sounds of water. One sound in particular began to irritate her…the constant dripping of water from the ceiling to the floor of the cave she was in.
Drop, drip, drop, drip…
Iara shook herself, preened anxiously. Scylla was nowhere to be found.
Iara stood, and began to explore the cavern she had fallen into. The slick algae on th
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Riley Black-Doodle by ChocolateStarfire Riley Black-Doodle :iconchocolatestarfire:ChocolateStarfire 0 0 Ko-fi Commission-Mottenfest  by ChocolateStarfire Ko-fi Commission-Mottenfest :iconchocolatestarfire:ChocolateStarfire 5 0 Paintless Dog and NevirWolf-Trade by ChocolateStarfire Paintless Dog and NevirWolf-Trade :iconchocolatestarfire:ChocolateStarfire 2 0 Moongaze the Jaguar by PaintlessDog by ChocolateStarfire Moongaze the Jaguar by PaintlessDog :iconchocolatestarfire:ChocolateStarfire 1 0 Summer Vibes by ChocolateStarfire
Mature content
Summer Vibes :iconchocolatestarfire:ChocolateStarfire 2 0
Kofi Commission Neraconis #2 by ChocolateStarfire Kofi Commission Neraconis #2 :iconchocolatestarfire:ChocolateStarfire 0 0 Kofi Commission for Neraconis #1 by ChocolateStarfire Kofi Commission for Neraconis #1 :iconchocolatestarfire:ChocolateStarfire 2 0 Moongaze the Jaguar Badge-2018 by ChocolateStarfire Moongaze the Jaguar Badge-2018 :iconchocolatestarfire:ChocolateStarfire 1 0 Commission-Living Night Badge by ChocolateStarfire Commission-Living Night Badge :iconchocolatestarfire:ChocolateStarfire 2 3 Iara Badge 2018  by ChocolateStarfire Iara Badge 2018 :iconchocolatestarfire:ChocolateStarfire 2 0
26-It's So Weird When You Do That!
Moongaze set the pastel unicorn head on her own head and neck, careful to adjust the eyes so she could see through the mesh. She felt for the snaps on her hooved paw gloves, and set them with a sharp click. She sat down, fumbled for the boots that had been transformed into feathered hooves, and slid her tennis shoe covered hindpaws into them gently. She then stood, and went to the mirror, gazing at her new reflection longingly.
“Hey!” Jay purred, poking his muzzle around the corner, violating her privacy. They had agreed that suiting was a solo thing for Moongaze, and that doing so was a private glee, never shared with anyone outside the studio Jay was renting for his artwork business. Moongaze shot him a dark look, but all he could see were those teal orbs of the unicorn costume glaring at him. He shrank back around the corner of her room, waving her pastel tail at her as if she were playing with a feathered rod. “I found this tail—is it yours?” he teased
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25-Through the Arctic
Through the Arctic
Eloise raised her paws to protect her muzzle as a bitter cold wind howled past her ears, biting at them as it whipped by. She had been making her ascent all morning, the steel ladders slippery and slick with ice.
She trudged through the blankets of snow, waist deep in it, her skin shivering and fur saturated despite her winter coat, water resistant boots and scarf. She fell multiple times, but her goal was in sight, the hint of blue in the distance like a burning light, a beacon in the cold and dark.
She flexed and relaxed her numb paws, breathing on them occasionally to feel them working again. She took ragged, gasping breaths as the cold air stabbed her throat and lungs. [i]Just another few steps…[/i]
Eloise cried out in agonized euphoria as she had finally reached the object buried in the snow. She reluctantly removed her thick gloves and tears sprung to her eyes as the cold whipped her freed paws. She dug frantically, tearing away at the ice as a dog
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'The Adventures of Raptor'-2007
“In your secret heart of hearts, you wanted Brontosaurus, tame of course, to come back in the world.”-Ray Bradbury
He sat at the bar, watching the sports game and drinking beer. He sighed, upset over his recent breakup. Then, the news came on.
“This is the nine o’clock news,” the reporter began. “Tonight, we take a closer look at the developing crisis in South America, where the UNI labs are supposedly planning the next cull event.” The camera panned to media hounds surrounding a team of scientists. The reporter returned to face the camera. “And now, visiting paleontologists and their recent dig site are being threatened by this team’s presence. One paleontologist explains.”
The camera changed its focus. He paused drinking, and swallowed. That woman’s face…so familiar…he thought, studying her.
And all my instincts
They return

He nearly choked as her name flashed across the screen. His heart flew, his h
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Be sure to check out the various folders in my gallery! Enjoy!


Early Bird by Nambroth Early Bird :iconnambroth:Nambroth 676 33 Purrmaid by LilleahWest Purrmaid :iconlilleahwest:LilleahWest 224 10 Moonbird by windfalcon Moonbird :iconwindfalcon:windfalcon 924 27 Request: Iara the feathered warrior by ShinRedDear Request: Iara the feathered warrior :iconshinreddear:ShinRedDear 14 5 All The Ways by Vyntresser All The Ways :iconvyntresser:Vyntresser 19 10 Lunarstar by FlyingPony Lunarstar :iconflyingpony:FlyingPony 29 11 Chapter 12 page 4 sketch by FlyingPony Chapter 12 page 4 sketch :iconflyingpony:FlyingPony 12 0 Gnaw by amorousdino Gnaw :iconamorousdino:amorousdino 344 37 Velociraptor mongoliensis by PyroPuncherZ Velociraptor mongoliensis :iconpyropuncherz:PyroPuncherZ 2 0 Mille Minotaur by LilleahWest Mille Minotaur :iconlilleahwest:LilleahWest 217 6 Star Field by JadeMere Star Field :iconjademere:JadeMere 746 19 StupidFox - 184 by eychanchan StupidFox - 184 :iconeychanchan:eychanchan 1,545 58 Alt Sweet Notes by Roogna Alt Sweet Notes :iconroogna:Roogna 7 2 the Alchemist by Hbruton the Alchemist :iconhbruton:Hbruton 222 6 Medusaceratops lokii by Olorotitan Medusaceratops lokii :iconolorotitan:Olorotitan 327 20 Harness by JadeMere Harness :iconjademere:JadeMere 2,497 72
These are my favorite pieces of art from other talented artists!



I am open for traditional doodle or badge commissions from now until the end of September! DM or

Ko-fi commissions are open! $3 USD per…

Ko-fi examples:
Standard commissions-5 slots are open!

Examples-Single Character Sketch (Start at $20 USD each, more depending on complexity):
Blackburnian Warbler Deinonychus by ChocolateStarfireCommission-Echrei the Utahraptor  by ChocolateStarfireMoongaze the Jaguar-90s Style by ChocolateStarfire

Examples-Single Sided Badge ($20 each):
Moongaze the Jaguar Badge-2018 by ChocolateStarfireCommission-Living Night Badge by ChocolateStarfire

Examples-Double Sided Badge ($40 each):
Iara Badge 2018  by ChocolateStarfire

Example-Double Character Sketch ($40 each):
Paintless Dog and NevirWolf-Trade by ChocolateStarfire

-First come, first served! Commissions are completed in the order received!
-$3 per bust of a singe character for a Ko-fi commission
-$20 for a single character, detailed full body sketch or single sided badge, ink and/or color
-$40 for multiple characters, detailed full body sketch or double sided badge, ink and/or color 
-Paypal, USA only--please pay the full amount up front so I can get to your commission right away!
-Shipping is included in the cost of commissions
-No NSFW situations, recolor OCs, questionable content (hate groups, gore, vore) allowed...just a simple, clean badge/sketch (nudity ok, tasteful preferred)
-Turnaround time is 2-4 weeks max, will dm you or telegram with wips
-If at any point you are dissatisfied with what I make you will receive a full refund.
-Please keep in mind that PayPal may take several days for refunds/payments to clear--please be sure you have the funds needed to commission me!

Thank you for the views, faves and follows! <3


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