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_I claim an unrestricted parent slot to every foal of the breeding. I'll let you know if I don't need it; if you want to pledge the foal(s) to Tyndariai while I still own a parent slot, I want to be informed beforehand so I can use it or trade for a different slot _Slots may be resold or traded IF I have been informed beforehand! cannot be sold for more than original value; I may want to buy the slot back _Slots to my horses don't expire but if you already know you won't use it anymore (f.e. because of inactivity in the group), I'd appreciate a note so I can get the slot back. would be a pity to waste it _No inbreeding or crossbreeding whatsoever UNLESS we talked about it beforehand. forbidden love is a must for unsafe crosses with my mares; I still reserve the right to decline any form of crossbreeding or inbreeding _Any breeding items (like fertilitea, extracts, mutation dice and similar) are allowed _I want to get first dibs if you plan on selling the foal(s) deviantart sometimes doesn't send me notifications when I'm tagged, so if I don't react I'd appreciate a note before the foal gets sold to someone else _If you'd like to trade a slot for a slot, let me know which horses I'd be able to choose from I'm always happy to trade, but if there's nothing that interests me, I may decline _When paying via Paypal, you have to cover the fees and mind the currency Slots are only given if the exact amount agreed to has been received. Payments have to be completed within 72h. If you need a longer hold, message me and we can talk about that. _For art payments slots can be held, but there's a deadline which needs to be met, otherwise the slot will open up for others again. If there's a need for an extension message me, but expect me to want to see proof of how far you are. (If nothing can be shown, the slot won't be held any longer)

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