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The Snow Queen

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I think I'm obsessed with drawing Elsa :P No shame. 
I found a blog that showcased some original Frozen concept art and designs and I just fell in love with them all *.* I wish I could also do what Brittney Lee can do. ><
Anyhow, I just love drawing different styles for Elsa. :P Still wishing she had more clothes that lasted for more than a few seconds in the film
Elsa- Disney Frozen 2013
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HIIIII i'm new in here, but i just wanted to tell you that this drawing is amaizing and that i like to edit, and i just did elsa like your drawing and post it in my instagram account: jelsadits.

hope you don´t mind and you like it

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It is an absolutely lovely picture^^
I have to ask, may I turn the patterns you created here into brushes for use in Clip studio? They are so adorably cute!
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The Radiant Snow Queen! :D
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My favorite Elsa picture 
Elsa looks surprisingly cute in Anna's winter outfit.
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This image actually brought me to you in the first place a few years ago when I was a huge Frozen fanatic kiddo, haha!

And then I just went to look for some more cool looking stuff in your gallery only to find that Frozen was more of a short-lived obsession and you're mostly dedicating your time on something based off of my favourite fairies from childhood. And me, being that overreacting 12 year old back then, I just thought you're the best person ever😇

such a smol world, lol 😁😂
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Thought that was Ingrid at first.
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This is what I Imagine she looked like at age 25.
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this is so beautiful.
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really pretty very cute ... nice draw   Love :happybounce: 
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She looks so gorgeous with her hair up like that
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really nice drawing
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I love these piece! Reminds me of a concept art I saw of her looking more like a Victorian Beauty that I just fell in love with!
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This is beautiful! :love:
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This is my obsession too (I done an huge Elsa on the wall of my bedroomLove ), but you are much better than me!!!! :)
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