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Almost Magical: The Queens (10 years earlier)



FYI, for people who might wonder: I did not include Musa and Flora because I was only trying to design royal clothing for particular characters.

Why is Tecna a queen? I was going with the original canon and the comics... But if you guys don't like that, then you can also go with the idea that she became Cryos' apprentice ^^;  If y'all are neigh, I'm gonna have to rewrite a lot of sh*t. But that's fine. This detail's been eating me up for a while. 

Please don't ask me why people don't look the way they do in the comics. As mentioned, this is 10 years prior -to the start of the fanfiction. They are still quite young.
And are in their mid-30s.

Winx fashion tends to be over the top and the color choices may not have been well thought out (but then again, it's a kid's show). I just wanted to push the bar a little higher in pretty much everything I do (My standards may not be as high as others'. But this is probably the best I can do with my time. I'm always in a hurry.)
I made Daphne's dress simple but inspired by contemporary gowns. My goal is to avoid gaudy and superfluous clothing. But as a queen, she also has to carry an air of dignity. Somehow dark green just does it for her. Dragon motifs ftw. 

Bloom's design is meant to make her less prominent. She's not the ruling monarch of Eraklyon, and her sister is the ruling queen of Domino, so hers seems more 'princess-like'.

The rest of the queens- Tecna, Stella, Layla and Diaspro have more realistic clothing- less traditional and ideal for regular affairs. I based their styles on CANON and what's obviously worn in their realms. 

As for Layla, I know Andros had this whole Renaissance thing going on with their puffy sleeves and skirts but I'd like to think that at this point, the style's been toned down to a contemporary look inspired by Victorian clothing. (Much later on, the clothes on Andros will evolve into a more tseaside, Greecian feel.) Diaspro's look is somewhat inspired by French Baroque. Okay, 

I'm considerably happier with Galatea's. :P It's a mix of Chinese and Russian traditional clothing. I've always enjoyed Russian fashion. Especially that Kokoshnik headdress. I wanted this fan-like headdress for her, and decided to put Russian into the mix since it seems to go pretty well with the Asian thing going for the clothes on Melody.

The dresses reflect the societies they live in. Melody is probably the most traditional among them, then Domino and Eraklyon.

:'V I'm going to post a set of OCs soon. So sorry for the spam X_X

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