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Almost Magical: The Grown Ups

Collage of the icons I made for the bio page of the Winx and the Specialists in my webcomic Almost Magical.
(if you haven't read the latest chapter>>… )

Yes, yes... I am aware Timmy isn't in the group... ^^; Will you wait for the reason in chapter 6? Or you want me to just spill it? :XD:

Almost Magical fanfiction was drawn and written by chocolatesmoothie
Winxclub is Winxclub 
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Tell me where Timmy is NOW!!! Please? I can't take it any longer if TecnaxTimmy is suffering I need to know cause they are my fav couple in winx.

Didn't know this platform exsited. I'm currently watching the winx from the beginning, and for the first time as a fully fledged grown up. I remember watching the odd one when I was young. But I couldn't appreciate the brilliance of it then. But now I can. I'm currently on S3 ep4. I also have all the movies bookmarked from lookmovie. ws for when I've finished the series on Prime. I was browsing Google and spotted your artwork so I came on over. So let's see what all the fuss is about. I'm intrigued.

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NABU!!!!??????HE IS ALIVE?????😱😱😱
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so what happened to Timmy? It’s 2021 and where is he? :(

What happened to Timmy?! 😭 I noticed in the prologue Tecna specifically says “my husband”. Makes me think she wasn’t married to Timmy, otherwise she would have just said Timmy. Any idea how long it will be until we find out what happened to Timmy? I just found this fanfic yesterday and I’m already dying for more! When I was young I played with writing fanfic on this series and other childhood favorites, I loved the idea of seeing these characters when they got older but I never did finish or do anything with it. It makes my heart so happy that I found your comic and I hope you keep it going! You’ve created such a well thought out and dynamic story out of the Winx world. I am totally invested in these new characters and I look forward to more!

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what happend to timmy? 
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What happened to Timmy? I'm guessing he's dead but I wondered if there is a design for him?
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Who's that under Bloom?
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So is the one next to Bloom her sister, Daphne?
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Tecna grew her hair out while the others shortened it? That would've never flown canonically.
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and? it's not canonical, it's just a story made by a fan! is to be considered canonical! I personally love just looking at the designs this artist has made of the Characters in the show!^-^
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Why not? The Winx are all older adults and mothers now, people do change their hair over the years. I don’t see any reason why Tecna wouldn’t grow her hair out longer or why the other Winx would have their hair shorter. 
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Tecna looks like Barbara Gordon.
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Bloom's view is simply amazing. I love your work, you are incredible. Continue in the same spirit
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I'm afraid something tragic went down for Timmy uuuuggggghhhhhh 
God's speed chapter 6.
Also I'm finally all caught up and GOD DAMN
this story is so good
your art is so good
these characters are so good
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Ahhh my heart! I love Timmy sm just bc he's a dork. I'm really invested in the story so I'm hoping that nothing tragic went down. I'll be waiting for chapter 6 😍

My fav couple was TecnaxTimmy in the show so this is literally killing me. Hurry up chapter 6, but at this point just spill it

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О боже Хелия прелесть!!! Love    Я ждала эту работу, поскольку, когда вы выложили эскиз:happybounce: 
What happened to Timmy?
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OMG They Look Amazing!!! They Grew up to be such Beautiful and Handsome Men and Ladies!! Your Art always Makes me Happy! 👏🏾👏🏾😄
Okay, I'm gonna say now what I've been thinking for a while...

Older Stella looks a lot like Hillary Clinton.

Not that it's a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. Like Stella, Clinton is a strong, powerful woman.

Hillary Clinton 

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I'm so thankful someone else said it, I thought so too but I didn't want to say anything. Like you said it's not a bad thing, ironically the creator of Winx said Stella's appearance was based off of Cameron Diaz, but personally I never saw it 😂
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