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Alright. A lot of people who join the pack/are in the pack want to know how the ranks work. I totally get it--the ranks look very different from that of your standard pack and even other invented ranks on the interwebs.

So now, I shall explain precisely what they are and why I chose them. 

Word Meanings

First off, take a good look at these words: Harbinger, Herald, Portent, Omen, Forerunner. They do look like random words, but if you were to look them up they are actually synonyms of each other. Their meaning? Somewhere around "Sign, warning, bringer-of, prophecy, foretelling". Make sense? 

In other words, Guardians of Sanity are those who warn others that their deeds will cause their demise, foretell the outcome of good and evil, and are the bringers of peace, love, and sanity.  

"whoaaaaaaaaaa see what we did thereeeee". 

Now, the other three words, Confidant, Pup, and Patriarch-Matriarch do not fit in with this. I felt there were no more words that were close enough synonyms to make all the ranks sound good. You know?

Rank "Official" Jobs

Harbinger: This is big momma and daddy wolf. Aka Velocity and Terror. For those of you familiar with normal pack structure, this is your alpha rank. I was inspired by the leader of the companions from 'Skyrim', also called a Harbinger. This rank commands the pack, delegates tasks and leadership, spearheads missions, and serves as a role-model for the rest of the pack. 

Confidant: The advisor, shaman rank. Usually only one canine would inhabit this rank but I am thinking of adding another. This canine oversees healing processes, gives blessings, and provides advising for the Harbingers. 

Herald: Second in command, your "beta". They lead when the Harbingers are not present, and are often times the ones who would try to sort out inner-pack problems before calling the Harbingers to do it. This rank was originally intended to lead hunting parties as well. 

Portent: The third in command, your "delta". This rank leads when Heralds and Harbingers are not around or incapacitated. This rank was originally meant to be the ambassadors of the pack as well, helping to negotiate alliances and carrying messages to other packs. Harbinger would take a Portent ot negotiate peace and leave the Herald to care for the pack. Make sense? 

Augury: The standard members of the pack. There are no specific ranks like healer, warrior, etc, because everyone has supernatural powers they bring to the table. EVERYONE participates. There are NO low ranks in this pack because we believe it to be high caliber. If you do something at the Augury level to be "Demoted", you would just be asked to leave the pack. These are our warriors, healers, babysitters, hunters, messengers, and anything else the pack may need or want. 

Forerunner: The children of the Harbingers. This grants them no extra privileges and they are still considered Auguries, but they are in training for high ranks. Only if they pass their "tests" will they achieve this. 

Patriarch/Matriarch: An old augury, or a retired herald/portent/harbinger. If a retired high rank, the word 'Honored' would be added on to Patriarch/Matriarch. 

Omen: Youth augury or forerunner. 

Why are there no low ranks? We do not believe in this. Period. You earn a place in the Guardians because you are already ranked 'high' to us. 
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June 22, 2014


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