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Ooh, another past related comic strip!:D
...with a scene from William's life.
He's summoned his mother -with the help of his blue crystal-, Eirinn [link] who is an Elf (Tuatha De Danann race)

Willie has always been ambitious and strong-willed as well as arrogant.;) He never really liked humans much, thinks he's better and smarter and stronger (in every way:P) than them. pffftt--rude Elf
So, you understand for yourselves, that a teenage half-Elf with his personality isn't the kind of guy who takes advice or orders or any kind of word from his human dad.:XD:hehehe!

Brian (Will's dad) isn't mean, he actually wants to protect his beloved son.:nod:
More and more people are being christianized and the Old Ways are being forgotten little by little every year...
...His son already has two pointy ears and distinguishing fair hair, so he doesn't need any more attention from the King's men:noes:(they could throw him in the fire for herecy due to that fire trick!:o)

...Mister Brian has been feeling weak lately and that fever hasn't decreased for the past three days.:(
I think you can guess the rest...:no:

*William MacPherson, Eirinn and Brian are copyrighted to me, and I hope you like this lil' flashback thingie:meow:
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Omigad omigad William. 

Also I guess that going to live over the veil bit didn't pan out, huh?