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The Lady of Manners

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A picture of Ms. Jillian Venters, AKA the Lady of the Manners, of Gothic Charm School. If you aren't familiar with her blog, please, go familiarize yourself with it: [link]
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xSteel-and-Lacex's avatar
Beautiful! It drives me totally batty!!! <3 Love everything about this!
Scape-Monster's avatar
Absolutely adorable. And OH! The Cupcake! Wonderful touch, absolutely wonderful.
nerdglassesftw's avatar
Oh, the ruffles. ♥
Pyewacket-moonlite's avatar
your artwork is way kewl <3
CheerfulMorbidity's avatar
This woman rocks my batty stripey socks! All the black and pink! Oooooooo
gidunnow's avatar
i really like your style.
LotD's avatar
This portrait is great, every inch is just so fun to look at.
LittleGothCat's avatar
This was on her Tumblr page.
LittleGothCat's avatar
She was very proud of it:)
Does she have a DA?
chocolatehomicide's avatar
I was very happy that she liked it! I always get nervous when I draw pics of real people, especially people who I admire. I'm always scarred they're gonna be like "OMG, this doesn't look anything like me! I would never wear that! This looks like SHIT!" Lol. Not that Jillian would ever be that rude, though. <3

I actually don't know if she has a DA, I sent it to her via Live Journal.
LittleGothCat's avatar
No she wouldn't :)
lindseyshemwell's avatar
YAY!!! <3 <3 *Barfing rainbows of excitement* XDDD
chocolatehomicide's avatar
A rainbow is a very good thing to barf, indeed.
lindseyshemwell's avatar
yes. *nods in agreement*
mangacraz00's avatar
Nothing is more amazing <3
This is like... wow~~
mangacraz00's avatar
You're welcome <3
Tuesdayk's avatar
Black and pink! Lolita! Umbrella! Stripes! Spider! Top hat! Bow! Giant cupcake with BAT SPRINKLES! ALL IN THE SAME PICTURE. *dead of happy*
chocolatehomicide's avatar
Thank you! Although I don't think I could have created this without such an awesome inspiration.
TheApplePoisoner's avatar
I love the Lady of Manners!
chocolatehomicide's avatar
Isn't she fabulous? Jillian is such an inspiration!
GerbilPoof's avatar
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