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Hi <3

I love you guys so much.... and I don't think I'll be on here much... but you guys have been some of the greatest people I have ever known and I hope you don't stop being what you already are - a great person.

Much love to Toby, Lolly, Lenore, Fae, and countless people.
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Heh, don't feel bad about not being on here, because in truth, you're not the only one. My interest here is dissolving (a bit too qickly..) to the point I'll only submit art, and comment on pictures of the few people I watch. :( I used to go on the forums alot, and note people left and right, always meeting new people..but that's kind of long gone. I dislike the forums, and yeah... Well, glad you stopped by to say everythings' alot right. I miss ya! :heart:
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Yeah, same... just gotten bored and my drawing kinda.. went poof. I did the same thing... used to come and check everday and draw and comment and... well tons of stuff. And I miss ya too! :aww:
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Sometimes, I feel so terribly guilty... :dead: I'm so sorry if I rarely interact with you that much or something... Then again, I rarely comment unless when I felt so, or when it's totally necessary.

Still, it's a good thing that you're okay. =)
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Hiya Choco - welcome back, nice to see you :giggle: Aaanyhow ;P I know what you mean - and I kind of figured that you wouldn't be around here a lot anymore (even though it's always nice to see you stopping by from time to time, just so we know you're doing alright). It's perfectly understandable, in any case - things change, right? ^-^ And regardless of that all, and anyhow, you've been one of the greatest people I had the privilege to get to know; in the little time you've been here, you've brought so much warmth, happiness and things to remember, it's hard to imagine. People come and go, and there are only few people who one'd remember, no matter what - and well .. you're definitely one of the few persons to remember. During the time you are around, I always have the feeling of you being there all friendly, calm and relaxed, with a smile - and no matter what people said or thought, I always knew you'd come back another time, even if it's just to say hello - or goodbye - not that this has to be a goodbye, right? You can always come back, as much as you want, and you can rest assured, you'll always be welcome. :aww:
And even though saying that there are only a very few like you might sound a little hollow .. it isn't. See, I've (oddly enough) around 330 people watching me, so I got to know them at some point. I've left around 2,800 comments on various people's pages (granted, half of them were on yours - that should be telling already :giggle: ), so I stopped by at least, looked around, thought of something to say and actually posted it. I've resolved around 5,500 distinct help cases, so I got to involved with pretty much as many people, and probably saw just as many people whose gallery I just looked at, but didn't get involved with. Add acquaintances outside deviantArt - even if we just take two thirds of that, that's around 10,000 different folks I'd have the the chance to get to know, by reading and seeing their style - and out of these 10,000 - that 1 person I know as Sylvana, who I had heaps of fun and unique conversations with, who is among the eight people I watch - and that's little ol' you :aww:
You're a really special and lovable person - don't change, and never lose the kindness and warmth you have.

Take great care of yourself - I truly hope to hear from you again, in one way or another :hug:

~ Tobias
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Hiya to you too, and nice to see you too :aww: Yeah, I'm not around here a lot, but I come on and look around to see how everyone is. You have also been one of the greatest people I know, always helpful and always nice - not selfish or anything. No, it's not a complete goodbye... just something to let you know I won't always be on.

And... all I can say is.. you have been the most who has helped me here on this site, with drawing and everything else. You are a great person, and you shouldn't change.

You better take good care of yourself too, or I will take care of you myself! :shakefist: :hug:
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Aww, you're the sweetest <3 But - you know, the same is true for you, you were always all genuine and caring, never selfish or such either. And the little convos we had here and on AIM always felt really vivid, as if there was actually a little blue-black wolf-ie dashing and jumping around. Really - I could just imagine it, each time - and that's actually something rare, your style is something you should be proud of - at least I am, of yours :aww:

Glad to hear it's not, and that you'll still be off and on, but I was already pretty sure you'd say that ^-^ And you helped me a lot too, even if you maybe didn't notice it as much, but I really enjoyed the time with you around, and reading your replies alwas made my day (and it still does), so trying to help you was actually the very least I could offer you in return. I would have loved to help you more, with critique, suggestions and everything if you stayed longer, and still do, so if you think I could help you somehow, you can always drop me a note or an e-mail. You're a great person too, you always were, and you still are as kind and warm-hearted as always :thanks:

Thanks, I'll try :giggle: And you too, right? We'll end up taking care of each other, sooo we wouldn't have anything to worry about :hug:

Loads of love,
~ Tobias
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Thanks <3 I've learned to feel pride in what I have drawn, done and said... a lot from everyone's helpful comments.

:aww: I may not be on much, but I would rather have said something instead of leaving without saying goodbye or where I'll be. Your replies, as always, make my day... even a few words make me feel better if I had a bad day or I was just upset with something. And same goes for you, drop me a note or e-mail anytime you like.

Yup, me too! Hehe, very true! :hug:
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Hehe, yup yup, that's definitely a good thing .. and besides, I'd be all proud of it too if I were you, your drawings are just as cute and happy as your conversations ;P

Aww, thanks ^-^ and the same is true for you, of course, reading from you sure makes my day just as well :aww: You and being upset? Now that's hard to imagine, does that ever happen? :giggle: By the way, thank you for your comment on the clay figure as well, I've left you a little reply there too, if you like, you can come back to it :hug:

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Hehe, same goes for yours ;P

Sometimes I do, but not often :hug: And I will check it out soon! :aww:
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Of course :giggle: I mean, how could they be different as I know that certain cute blue-back little wolf-ie? ;P

That's good to hear, hopefully it'll always be something rare, right? :aww: Aww, yay, thanks ^-^

Take care :hug:
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Hm.... I dunno! ;p

Yup, hopefully! :hug:
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Thank you, Sylvana..please don't be sad..sorry you can't be on here much..

I do hope you continue to draw though, you've become a wonderful artist. Thank you for being such a good friend..
*pawshake* Good luck to you ;u;
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I can't help it...

Latley, I lost interest in drawing... but I've been doing little doodles on the sides of paper and things, so.. never know.
*pawshake* Same goes for you!
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