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Hola mis amigos! It Wensday and since tomorrow is Veterans day, we have no school tomorrow and I'm gonna visit my grandfather too. So nothing too new, very cold here plus it snowed a bit. Ack. My lucky brother got to go on a school trip to Washington DC so he's haveing fun looking at all the statues and going to ceremonys.

I finally beat FF7 after spending 30 hours on it :giggle: So I'm happy too. I also got to see the move The Incredibles on Sunday which was good.  So, pretty much I'm bored out of my mind :giggle:

And I now love on demand, been watching Saiyuki, .hack/SIGN, Aqua Teen Hunger Force(you just gotta watch this! :giggle: ) and a whole bunch of other crap.

And..somehow I've been sucked back into the Pokemon thing (I blame Lolly! It's all her fault x3.

Well anyways, :heart: ya all =3

Stuff To Do...

:bulletblue: Trick my dad into getting FF9 for me :giggle:

Gotta Love 'em
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My county is the only one in the entire state that didn't get today off of school. :O_o:
Oh, and ATHF rules. :D
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*pats* Weird-ness :O_o:
Yes, yes it does.
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Heh, same for us, just that it was snowing like there was no tomorrow here .. now all the streets, trees and fields look like they're having sugar coating on them ;P Yay for school trips, by the way, I heard from your Geography teacher that you'll be going on a five day museum trip too .. you'll even sleep in the museum :giggle: Lucky you, you have a day off ;_;

Nothing too exciting for me, the movies they show for you, they don't show here (and in the winter they pretty much only show ski races O.o Imagine wanting to watch your favourite show and they say they'll show people skiing instead ^^; )

I stopped after beating Pokemon Red .. or Blue .. can't remember (but I think it was red). The others were too similar to keep my interest, plus I got to play Mario 64 too, at that time ;P
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For now, we just have a bit of frost covering everything, nothing major :giggle: Aww. you'll probably have a nice field trip then :hug:

Aww, you should come and visit and watch some movies! We'll get you some popcorn and lots of candy :aww:

Hehe, I have like all the pokemon games (Someone kill me x3) and I mostly just play FF games on my ps2...got nothing better to do x3
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Heh, just enough to get out your winter jacket and stuff? :giggle: It was snowing all day yesterday, and really heavy too, at times, so it's all white right now here (if you'd come, we could have a snowball fight, mwahaha >3 ). Heh, field-trips are always nice, ne? :3

Yay .. and this time you'd actually share the good candy too, with me? <.< ;P

Yush, you must be realllly bored then ;3 Even though some of the pokemon games are a bit different with another story line .. but still, I guess playing one of them was enough for me ^^; Weeeell, you could learn and get all A+'s ? :giggle:
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Yup, my nice warm scarf too :giggle: Aww, I want it snow here, but it hasn't yet ;_;. Fields trips are always better than school :3

Yup! Of course I'll share with you =3

Hehe, I blame Lolly for me wanted to play it again x3. I hope so ^^
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And a nice warm cap too, maybe? :giggle: Oh, don't worry, it will come soon enough ^-^ Then you can do snowball fights all day long, and build an igloo and a snowman in your garden :aww: Heh, so are museum trips :3

You're sure? ;P The last time you ate all of the good candy <.< (except for one piece of chocolate ^-^ )

Suuuuure, blame it on poor Lolly X3. You could learn really hard and .. teach instead of the teacher :aww:
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We got snow today! Just a bit, but not alot but still...snow! :giggle:

<.< I promise =3

Of course ;p Maybe :giggle:
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Wheee .. enough to make snowballs already? Or just so much that the grass looks like sugared? :giggle:

>.> That's good =3

And of course you'd give everyone A+'s, right? :aww:
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Enough to make snowballs!

=3 :hug:

Yup ^-^
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Weee, no school tomorrow! Hope you enjoy your day off :dance: Of course I got sick today, so I'll probably be spending it in bed. Tough luck for me ^^;

Congrats on beating FF7. :D And Aqua Teen Hunger Force is funny! Just too bad it's on so late...I only watched it twice when I happened to wake up around 3:00 am. ^^;

Evil Lolly X3
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Yup! Aww, I hope you feel better :hug:

Yup, We have that on demand comcast thing, which lets you watch stuff when you want so I watch Aqua Teen whenver I want too :giggle: Ya, It's usaally really late x_X
Yess! Very evil Lolly x3
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I do now, weee :hug: =}

Aww, lucky you, I wish I had that. But we're poor. ;n;
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Yay! :hug:

You could send subliminal messages to your parents if you want to get it :giggle:
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