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  • Apr 14, 1983
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By order of the high and mighty @IceXDragon-

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You gave 51.:no:
Ugh, system fail, the high and mighty `IceXDragon 
Once upon a time, there was a chocolate chip cookie. :cookie: This cookie slipped out of Alice's lunch box, and fell down the rabbit hole one day. Poor cookie. It didn't know what to do. As it fell, it thought to itself (a wonder indeed, since cookies don't have brains). Anyway, it thought, "What will become of me? How will I be eaten and fulfill my destiny?" It didn't have time to think much more. Because unlike Alice, this cookie didn't have a puffy dress to slow its fall. So it fell quickly, and shot out of the other end of the rabbit hole like a tiny chocolate chip rocket. It bounced around some strange room for a minute, then landed on a cake. Next to the cake was a note that said, "Eat Me" in pretty little letters. But the cookie couldn't eat the cake. Besides, it was pretty sure that would be some form of cannibalism. So it sat there. And as it sad, a curious thing happened. The special self-rising flour that the cake was baked with somehow infected the cookie. It grew. It grew and grew and GREW! It grew so large, it squished the cake it was sitting on. :iconchocolatechipplz: But it didn't stop there. The cookie kept growing until it outgrew the little strange room! And eventually, it burst of of the room because it was growing so large.
All of Wonderland was amazed, and ate the giant cookie. As each bite was bitten off of the cookie, enjoyed, and swallowed, the cookie thought, "What a wonderful way to fulfill my destiny! Feeding all of Wonderland!" The end.

I don't know where this came from. I'm tired. :XD: