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Ali chibs by Chocolat-Matt Ali chibs :iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 1 1 Ali Sketch by Chocolat-Matt Ali Sketch :iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 0 0 TWANKIE CRACK by Chocolat-Matt TWANKIE CRACK :iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 0 3
Patient Files - Cannibal 04
"Is that your natural hair color?" His voice purred, interest sparked the moment he saw the child with bleach-blonde colored hair, no roots. "What are you doing here? You know the sick live here baby? You know we're all sick? My… You couldn't be more than 9 or 10… No? How old are you sweetie?" He watched those precious soft, pink lips move just barely to formulate an answer, but no words were heard. "How old are you?"
"F-fifteen, s-sir."
"Fifteen? Are you really? That's fascinating.. I would never have guessed." If anyone knew what a fifteen-year-old boy looked like, it was someone who ate one. He couldn't have even been 90 pounds. "Your voice hasn't even dropped." Hazel eyes scanned down the form. The crookedly buttoned shirt that hung on the boy's shoulders, much to big, showed off the pale skin that dipped underneath the clothing as well as the boy's freckles to some extent. He loved it... they were like little sprinkles that kissed his skin, adding to the sweetness of his
:iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 3 2
Mature content
Patient Files - Cannibal 03 :iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 1 3
Patient Files - Cannibal 02
"So tell me, have you ever thought about having sex with someone?"
He chuckled. "Of course not doctor. Have you ever fantasized about fucking the steak on your plate? Excuse my language."
"You're a good looking man… you've never thought about--"
"No." He cleared his throat, a grin pulled onto his lips after he swallowed. God he was staring to salivate. "When I think of a person; I think of all the things I can do with him or her, none of which are sexual." He chuckled once more casually. "Doctor, do you understand what you're implying by asking me if I daydream about fucking my food? I hate to use language like this, but this is what you are implying."
"It's alright, but if you see a person as food, what do you see when you look in the mirror?"
The patient's face cleared as if he didn't entirely understand the question.
"Do you see yourself as food as well?"
The patient burst out laughing.
"No! Ahaha!"
"Then what do you see?"
"Myself!" He explained as he finally started to get a h
:iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 3 0
Patient Files - Cannibal 01

"When did you first start eating?"
He smiled as he leaned back, eyes moving about the ceiling as his tongue smacked against his teeth. " First grade…" His smile widened. "There was this girl who cut her pretty little finger with scissors—my school never had safety scissors… She was a tablemate of mine. About ready to call for a teacher, I told her wait and grabbed her hand. I didn't think about it. I saw the blood and my heart started racing, I remember. I shoved her finger in my mouth. That taste of blood and her soft finger." He breathed out slowly through his mouth. "How could I not try a bite? Of course, she called the teacher soon thereafter and was sent to the nurse. My first demerit. I wasn't able to consume my first human steak until I was nineteen, however, that's a story for another time, Doctor. How about we talk about the weather?"
"It's your choice."
"It's a nice day. I wish I could eat outside."
// E N D S E S S I O N.
:iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 3 2
Bit of Cakey by Chocolat-Matt Bit of Cakey :iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 0 5 MS : Zephyr by Chocolat-Matt MS : Zephyr :iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 0 6 Ellis Make-up 1 by Chocolat-Matt Ellis Make-up 1 :iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 2 1 So do Strippers.... by Chocolat-Matt So do Strippers.... :iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 0 4 Ciel Chibi unfinished by Chocolat-Matt Ciel Chibi unfinished :iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 0 2
Don't waste
As people, we take everything we have for granted.
All the people that surround us, we act like it's a nuisance…
up until it goes missing.
We take for granted our parents. We hate it if we have two,
and neglect the hard work of just one.
We hate how our parents punish us, but how it's always
for our better anyways. We take for granted how much
they care… and the care that's put into keeping us from
making the same mistakes they made and getting hurt.
We take for granted our friends who will be there for us
when we just need a pal or who will go out and do stupid
stuff with us. We take for granted when we fight, even though
it only makes us closer when we finally make it through the
yelling and punching and get to that brohug.
We take for granted the people who flavor each day.
The random strangers who smile at us,
or wave
Or just let us know that we're there and make us feel important or alive.
Biggest of all, we neglect how blessed we are when
the person we love, loves us ba
:iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 0 0
Sexed up Jae by Chocolat-Matt
Mature content
Sexed up Jae :iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 1 2
DoodleDump by Chocolat-Matt DoodleDump :iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 0 6
Forget Me
I know I was stupid
I thought about it again
I thought it was different
but it wasn't.
I figured things had changed.
That jumping out there, being
loud had made me seen by friends.
Until I stepped back and took a breath
and noticed that everyone had left
without me.
After twenty years
I've still got nothing
I'm still just a ghost that
stands in the way
thinking that someday
I'll be saved, I'll be saved.
Forget me! Forget me!
you know it's tempting.
Forget me! Forget me!
Tell me what will you lose (really..)
I'm not that great.
I've got nothing to offer you.
So throw me away
Forget me
and go
:iconchocolat-matt:Chocolat-Matt 0 6

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United States
I am an aspiring singer/actor. My dream since I was a wee little sprout was to be a singer, so that's what I want to be above ALL.
Though I love doodling and taking pictures and such.

I'm currently attending UAA with a theater major degree. I'ma learn so much my head implode. :o

Current Residence: Magic Lamp
Favourite genre of music: Country and Rock
Favourite photographer: The good kind.
Favourite style of art: Music // Theatre
Operating System: Windows Vista/ME
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Wallpaper of choice: Ewww.. Use paint
Favourite cartoon character: Kenny McCormick
to write a new journal entry.
I haven't written one in almost 6 months. :|
Apparently nothing is happening of importance.

And I am boring.
Hi. :)
  • Reading: what I write
  • Playing: L4D2


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salocemon Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014   Artist
hello sorry, the long time not updated smackjeeves comic called  "Play With Me" :(
TwitchyGreyFox Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday Matt,I miss you and RPing with you.
TwitchyGreyFox Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Matt you still there?
Chocolat-Matt Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
Sort of? Been hardly on here lately from some harassment.
Been thinking of getting a new account... :\

TwitchyGreyFox Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
; A ; I miss you. Th circus group is going to b doing some major changes. You should check it out and send Jonah a message if you still wanna b apart of it [I hope you do]
If you want to start a new account,by all means do. Just find me cause I miss talking to you :C
Chocolat-Matt Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012
; A ; Ditto and I will send Jonah a message thanks for letting me know.
I love you guys too much to disappear. Dx
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barbiiexcalii Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012
Why do you disagree with homosexuality, but you write about it and draw about it?
Ultra-Adeline Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Perhaps you are tired of hearing about this, but I wanted to comment on your views about that photograph of the two girls I'm sure still haunts you to this day. XD

While I do not agree with your opinions that homosexuality is evil, I am surprised about how you explain it and find myself finally really understanding the other side of it.
I am glad to see you are not telling everyone what you believe is true for everyone, only for yourself and other Christians who choose to follow the Bible's teachings. And that the Bible is a book of beliefs and teachings, and that you agree with them so you choose to follow them. c:
I like that you said that a homosexual person is simply committing a sin like anyone else might do, like lying or stealing, and not condemning them for it.
Thank you for helping me to see the other side of this topic a bit more clearly, and thank you for being so level-headed and patient with everyone who argued with you! That's an amazing trait these days. :U
Chocolat-Matt Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011
No problem. :) Thanks for not trolling in response,
and I mean that sincerely.

When I talk about stuff like this, it's never to beat
someone down or to beat my religious beliefs into someone,
but to understand their side and to have my side also understood.
And from your comment alone, I consider what I said had purpose.

Thank you.
WintersOfWesley Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Rawr, just saying hullo. Just to tell you it's me, Artifical-emptiness. I just thought you might want to know where that annoying tech kid that was apart of ATY went.
Adios amigo.

Hope you've been doing well ^^
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