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Hello! It's been a while since I've updated my journal, sooo... here I go.

I just deleted some of my artwork in my gallery. You know, my old stuff. I was getting tired of them. All I've left were my digital artwork and mostly new stuff. Sorry about deleting them,  just want to clean my gallery. I've found a new interest, and that's Vector Art. I'm doing really well with all my practice, so I deleted my old sketches, doodles, etc. From now on I'll be putting in my new artwork instead : )

Also, I've been feeling hot lately... The weather is always changing around here :ohnoes: . First it'll be hot in the morning, then later on, it'll pour rain. It's all so confusing :O ... And the speakers are busted, darn it. No music is boooring!


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Oh btw. I was looking at your ID and I realized that you said I am an amazing artist. That means a lot coming from you (since you are better than me and stuff :P). Thanks =D
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Hm, okay. Just do lots of new stuff then. :P