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1: Beauty and the Beast
He sees her huddled near the side of the road, the hood of her tattered brown cloak pulled tightly around her wrinkled face.
She rises to her feet as he nears on horseback, her tiny frame hunched over, a crooked wooden cane clutched in her weathered hand.
"Won't you buy a rose, my lord?" She asks, her voice a low cackle that crawls over his skin.
He glares down into her white eyes, the eyes of a blind woman, and the stench of sickness reaches his nose. Her hood falls back from her face, revealing her blistered lips and her ashen skin, marred with the spots of disease.
"Get away from me, peasant." He shouts, disgusted.
She bends one crooked arm and reaches into her basket, pulling out a long stemmed rose, the bud shriveled and black, the petals dry and brittle.
"Please, my lord," she begs, her eyes brimming with tears. "I am but a poor and hungry old woman, with no home or family to speak of."
She lifts the rose towards him, ambling closer, when suddenly she trips and stumbles into t
:iconmidnightfaery:midnightfaery 449 144
1: Mias and Elle Meet Again
Elle glanced around the wide expanse of the ballroom, suppressing a yawn with the back of her hand. It was just after eleven o'clock and she was eager for the night to end so she could go home and crawl into bed. She wasn't normally one for these types of parties, but she had promised her friends that she would attend this illustrious costume ball that they had been planning for the past several weeks.
She shifted from side to side, grateful that the long crimson skirt of her ball gown was long enough that she was at least able to wear her favorite pair of comfortable flats. Her friends had all opted for sexy high heels, but Elle knew that after an hour of that her feet would begin to feel like they were being twisted in a vice. The bodice of the gown, however, gave her nothing but trouble. It was so tight she could hardly breathe, with a neckline so low that she felt completely exposed. Her friends had assured her that she looked ravishing, but she felt ridiculous and more than a litt
:iconmidnightfaery:midnightfaery 1,057 122
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I have been gone for a reallllllllly long time, and I'm sorry about that, but I won't be doing anything until summer starts.  My life has gotten crazy busy since after winter break, and the time I have left, I just want to sleep!  Thanks for everything.
Until summer,



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