Halloween otome artbook available now

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Ignore my long inactivity. Definitely am still working on Valentines otome just really slowly.

anyways I'm  proud to announce the release of the Halloween Otome Fan Book!


The Halloween Otome Fan Book is a digital book showcasing exclusive art and extras from Halloween Otome. It contains spoilers and is best seen after finishing the game.

It features:

  • Art from Halloween Otome
  • Comics featuring the Halloween Otome characters
  • Over 20 extra scenes spanning from before to after the events of Halloween Otome
  • Profiles of the characters
  • New images
  • Sketches
  • Outtakes
  • ... And more!

You can download it for FREE from its page on itch.io. We've also added our other games to itch.io as well.

If you choose to pay for the book your donations will go towards assets(BGs, music, etc) for Valentines Otome.

The first 40 people to donate $20US or more will receive a free 8GB Halloween Otome USB. Just remember to add your shipping details. It is limited though, so act fast!

if anyone does get the time to look at it would love to hear feedback :)
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can I have the link to cornyths site
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I downloaded it already though I'm thinking of donation too because, I would love to see the valentine otome ;w; (I love Zane so much omg and I would love an cameo from halloween otome).

My favorite part of the artwork I think is Landon and his mother fighting about that she will never have kids, because a little Landon would be terrible xD (I would love to see a kid from him though :3). 
Even if it's just a sketch I really wanted to see tyger too because, it was just hard to imagine Mr. Wolf in an outfit like those tyger seems to wear :o
Kippy is such an cute mascot I'm sorry for him though xD because, he can't scratch his ear.
I love the Dolls :3 because, I really like the Ice Queen I would love a game where she would be the main character!
All the sketches and pictures are amazing you did an amazing job on the artbook.

Sorry for the late reply XD I did play the game a while ago but, I seem to missed the artbook :(.
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Well it's nice to hear feedback anytime since some ppl played it later than others but also we haven't heard anything about artbook feedback lol. Vo. Is gonna take forever >_>' like we've finished writing Kirons main route, almost finished writing zanies route but nowhere near daires. And then all the other stuff that comes with putting crap together. oTL it's way longer than ho tho. The artbook came out much later since we are slow
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That's coz I'm normally so lazy it takes months before u see something XD
any favs? 8'D
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Of course anything with Mr. Bandages lol especially 56! 
Also pages 19, 41, and 74! :D
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Strangely enough the few comments we have so far, mr b seems to be a favourite. Even though he totally wasn't before. With comments anyways ^^'.
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Ah~, I didn't know you guys had an art book! I am so~ downloading this. I may buy is as well as soon as I can get my hands on mom's credit card~ bwahahahah~!! I probably can't.....OTL

Hey, who is Landon, anyway? We know he's Osira(?) butler, but we really don't know anything about that dude!
It's weird but I always get some sort of feeling that he's somehow related to Erik.....I dunno why =^=
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Lol u don't need to get her credit card ^^' u can get it for free if u want. But even a dollar can go a long way so thank you so much for wanting to support us! :)

Landon is mr bandages. one of the guys you can chase in the game. And yup definitely some relation to Erik (you will find out more in the fanbook. Or play his route ;)

osiras butler is actually names Varan
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Sorry, I just remembered who's who. It's been a while since I've played Halloween Otome ^^;
I haven't been able to get all the endings even now.....I'm still trying but I think I need to be more bold when making choices in the game.....
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I'm pretty sure there's a walkthrough somewhere if u want to cheat ;D

but yeah I know what you mean about making choices u don't want to. I do that in games all the time ^^'
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Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way ^^; I know it's just a game but I'm still reluctant to make certain choices.....I guess I prefer to play it safe in relationships. (face-palm)
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Lol me too! Kinda reflects ou real life morals I guess. It's like "u want me to choose X?! Yeah no." And then it feels so wrong when you do choose it the 2nd time round just to get the alternate ends >_>'

but sometimes it doesnt end up that bad and so I never learn my lesson and sometimes delve into those otome heartaches ^^' good thing they're just games - coz I cry. Seriously.
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Good thing it's just a game ^^; I remember pondering to choose "I know how to drive a guy crazy" during the first games in Spooktacular. I don't remember what I really chose in HO, because like I said, it was some time ago, but I'm always hesitant to make the more crazy and bolder choices, partially because I probably wouldn't in real life...
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Congrats~~ and welcome back!
reading it right now o3o //reached page 33
I was surprised this was for free
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You know me. Won't be back for long ^^'
But yup free so That way more ppl can read it and hopefully comment about parts they like 8'D    
...if they like it at all >_>'
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Almost finished reading~~ it was interesting knowing more about your characters~ I didn't know Erik had a childish side xD Landon stories was the best! His thought process was priceless lol I couldn't get enough of Erik x Landon~ More~ o3o

wanted to read something before going to bed but now I am too....cheerful? that I can't ^^' your fault
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Lol! U need to be more cheerful so I will accept the blame for that
yeah Erik like being childish. I also agree that Landon is the funniest to read >_>' prob coz he's a tsun . He's also easiest to write....

im so glad you find it interesting so far~
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Don't be down too soon, people will like it when they read it. maybe advertise in lemma too? If you haven't 
I had the idea that you guys may just put these extras to unlock in the end, like the cgs~ Or put them in the end of vo, if it fits lol
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Awww thanks puffs <-- lol not sure how this sounds as a nickname. Yup did advertise on lemma. So hopefully more ppl get the chance to read it :) 
so put like extras in the back of the game?
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..hmmm sounds like something fluffy ^^' 
yup~ that way everyone who downloads the game can see it and comment at it~ 
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Oohhh I gotcha. Kinda a bit much to reupload the game for one tiny change though XD
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Yeah, I thought so...that you will give an excuse, you always have them >_>' 
you never accept my suggestions though, I don't know why I even bother.. but yeah, you have the right to do whatever you want..
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Believe me tho. Haven't had that much time to even play. Still haven't finished fire emblem fates and that came out months ago
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