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Halloween otome DEMO + Full Version

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"You are cordially invited to the Annual Valdemar Halloween Extravaganza. Two weeks of luxury await you.
Let’s see if you can keep up the masquerade…”

Protag wins an invite to a most exclusive and sought out Halloween getaway.
What she doesn't realise is, that its far from relaxing. The Halloween getaway turns out to be a annual game hosted for the rich and famous and every contestant is thrown into miscellaneous groups, challenged over the course of ~ 2 weeks.

and here's our demo~ (a few days early but we're both pretty busy over the next few days so better safe than sorry)
At least we now know how long it takes to do emotes >_>' - full version will hopefully be released by the end of the year...We are technically 2/3 story done so we should make it... hopefully >_>

MAC -…
WIN -…

Halloween Otome Demo version 1.1 is now available. It's mainly a bugfix release.Windows Version

Download link v 1.1 (already been fixed)…

and patch for v 1.0 (to fix any mistakes/problems that was found previously (although we cant help wiith laggy) - place in game folder)…

We have added a poll to our tumblr page to try and see which characters are the most popular.
Thanks to everyone who played the game and especially to those that helped spread the word and provided feedback.
Special thanks to otomesweetheart who reviewed the demo here….

Created by corynth and I…

MAC and LINUX version have not been tested.
Also please note us of any errors in grammar or programming etc
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I need help with my renpy game Xd and I loved this gameee
chocobikies's avatar
Glad you like the game. Although I'm hopeless with renpy too. It's my partner corynth which is the programmer. She works magic *_*
ArtMeHeart's avatar
lol xD I cant seem to make my image fill the screen lol
chocobikies's avatar
Can't u just do it in photoshop or something and make the image the right dimensions? (Prob is a way of scaling in renpy but....I'm the worst person to ask)
ArtMeHeart's avatar
I did it using paint but it still made the back ground in the game wierd
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Best place to ask is lemmasoft forumns - they have a section where u can ask about programming troubleshoot- I think
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It's still my favorite otome game so far but, I think one of the reasons is because Emma is a very similiar to myself so I feel a bit like I would be in this game haha xD. My favorite route was Landon even if I hate him in the beginning.

I wanted to ask for permission if it would be alright to make amv thing about this game with the pictures? If not that's fine too (My youtube account is sadly a small one ;w; but maybe some people might see it?).

Also about the Fanbook I really would like to donate the 20$ maybe, but I wanted to ask what about the shipping cost for the usb stick ? (I mean I don't need it necessiary but it would be nice). I live in germany so do you know how much it would be ? 
chocobikies's avatar
So glAd u like the gme still QAQ

Eh. I guess u can make a amv but some of my Cgs are ugly >_>'

the $20 for the fanbook includes the postage :) so don't worry about it. 
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This is a really good game. I'm surprised that it's not made/funded by real game companies.
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Thank you! I hope u've checked out the fanbook too (can get for free) we are trying to raise money to get backgrounds and music stuff for our next game Valentines otome so if people do want to throw $1 or something, that's great. Comments appreciated 8)
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Okay so I'm probably the only weirdo who is going to ask this but can I know the title of the bgm for...err like the scene when Emma meets the Ice Queen in the beginning? I know the bgm is played throughout the game with maybe the cute/fluffy moments. I really like it and it helps me study XD //sweats// Something about that music box/piano notes but erm...yeaaah >\\\\<
chocobikies's avatar
I'm not sure but was it White by Tyler Thompson? (cant remember)… <--scroll down
IceCreambabii's avatar
I don't think so, it's more like a music box kind of song and I can't find it through his soundcloud :0
It's okay! I can always just open up the game and leave the music playing XD
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Interesting, I've checked the script files for Halloween Otome and the song playing when you meet Osiria after Erik's first speech is White by Tyler Thompson. Memories plays a little bit after, but that doesn't sound like a music box. We used the old version of White(which is quite far down the soundcloud as opposed to the new one which is relatively high up).
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Looks epic... (I just prefer not downloading) Sorry, it looks cool though... they characters amazing appearing with the Halloween theme
chocobikies's avatar
thats ok - not everyone likes visual novel - and it is a pretty big file ^^'
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I like the idea of the game, I just don't download so its sorta a bit of a self-conflict of what to do.... Nothing against your lovely artwork
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This is sooo perfect! 
chocobikies's avatar
im assuming u like the game ? 8)
thumperthetreepirate's avatar
It was great! excellent artwork and storytelling. Annnd the Count! >.<
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I downloaded it and I can't..activate it? Ther's no button to launch it only some folders, and folders, and folders with files that I can' t open ;_; But I wanna play it so badly D: (I saw Phantom there omfgd Eric I am coming for you :D) Maybe I'm doing somethin wrong or I don't see something?
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i havent changed the download file so it should work. do you have a broken file? sometimes happens when a download cuts off early.
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nice! ^^ ima going to download it!
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