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Anime's Jump From 2D to 3D

Anime's Jump from 2D to 3D Kari R. L. Anime, and its comic counterpart Manga, play a large role in the Japanese culture, and hold a large stake in the international community as well. With series like Pokemon (1996) having such a strong grip in the mids of children across the globe, it's no big news that Anime is a staple of culture now. While most Manga don't make it to Anime status, and even fewer achieve the status necessary to warrant the creation of items, the market for real-life stuff with the face of an Anime character is broad enough to begin generating its own subcultures, with some fans focusing on a particular series, while othe

Japanese Art History Paper

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porn. yep, that's it.

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Hikari-chan's School of Manga

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Windows ME MSPaint Sketch

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Example of Style Evolution: 90's - 00's


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