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she was the light in my life, even though she was dark.
she was my rock, though she could barely hold herself up.
my beloved was a circle of black fur.

when the world was harsh, she was soft.
when the world was huge, she was so small.
when the world was ugly and mean, she was the cutest, sweetest thing in it.

and i will always love her.
and i will always miss her.
and i will always be with her.
and she with me.

my cat was taken early on a saturday morning
while i slept peacefully
she lay dying
on the floor. and i woke up feeling rested and happy
and then my world fell apart with 4 little words
"there was an incident."

gone is she from this world
never to grace us again with her silken fur
or melodius purr.

olive, thankyou for being my cat
staying with us here (most of the time)
never coming when called
sometimes being in the way
ending up in my room at the worst times and never wanting to come out
just being you
thankyou for that.

my bony little ball of fluff
in memoriam. it's not very good, but it's for my cat. may she rest in peace.
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shit, shit, i'm tearing up again.