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Charryblossom's OC Meme - Ace's High

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original meme by :iconcharryblossom:

:iconpentiummmx: :iconookami-mangetsu: :iconkattlanna: :iconcptlfrghtr: :iconcobaltwolfsirius: :iconbellacielo: :iconnejinoniwa: make sure to do this!!

some of the main characters of Ace's High. used MS paint and a tablet for panels 1 - 10, and i got sick of waiting for access to a tablet so i used MS paint and my laptop's trackpad for 11 - 15. to give a breakdown of each panel...

2. Ace isn't much of a hugger. xD
3. Ace's rival Slim and his girlfriend Sakuranbo. given she's a catgirl and he's crazy about her, it would probably lead to some 'interesting' situations. -w-
4. Duce is Ace's apprentice, so it makes sense they'd do brotherly things together. ^^
5. Marco's gay, so i doubt he appriciates me being there, but i feel safer with him than his cohorts Slim and Saka.
6. Being that Slim and Saka are the heads of the rival gang, i get the feeling they'd have little sympathy for Ace's left hand, Royale, and his apprentice, Duce.
7. Marco is VERY gay for Ace. also, he's just gay in general. :3
8. Myeko may be Ace's right hand AND a succubus, but she's still a girl, and she has feelings for Ace, AND she has a bit of a short temper. so Ace was being pretty brainless there. ><;
9. Duce is a bit younger than Marco, and straight. and Marco only has eyes for Ace.
10. Myeko's such a nice girl. i figure we'd probably be friends given the opportunity. ^^
11. there's a reason Marco cooks all of Slim and Saka's meals.
12. Myeko may be a succubus, but she's also the smartest of Ace's team and usually the one who does most of the planning. She resents the stereotype that Succubi will screw anything that moves.
13. Ace's High was based off of several gambling themes, so Ace's boxers usually have some sort of card suit pattern on them. but don't worry, they're also all white as a base. those are swim shorts. -w-
14. they're not cruel, they're just jerks. and rivals.
15. you all better DO EET
also, i realized at the end that i never squeezed in Henako and Hanako. my bad, but i get the feeling the vast majority of them prefer it that way. ^^;;
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the meme or my stuff?
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ermahgerd this looks like crap compared to some others ;^;

maybe i should re-do it by hand and scan it in....