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Looking at this is quite impressive. The style is nice and feels original, which is good and really feels like you've made it your own....

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Tiberius Ref
For :icondreamcatcheroct:

Well I finally made a ref for this guy haha. It's about time I suppoooooose. I should've done this earlier. Anywho meet TIBERIUS sorcerer not-so-supreme and overall not-great guy.
DC OCT Round 3: Monster
For :icondreamcatcheroct:

I'ma be honest. I stayed up till 3 in the morning finishing this, I dragged my face along the long grueling hours to make this and now it's done. So now it's here...



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I'll be honest all the voicework that wasn't me in this round was done by :iconmrdatatheawesome: So I'm still super happy she works with me haha. More to come soon hopefully. Best of luck to my opponents I do not doubt you guys will do great.
Starting a stream of my round over on Picarto
if you wanna check it out. Full round to be uploaded to D.A. and youtube later!
Secret Santa
My secret santa for :iconchef-boyardeee:
I had a huge blast drawing and shading this it was a super fun project. Sorry to be so late posting this been super busy with work and never had the time to upload. Merry belated christmas everyone!
Mafia John AU
So I got tired of working on my round and took a break to make an alternate universe version of John : D This version isn't a grump with a heart of gold, rather he's the head of a crime family, is charming, friendly, hedonistic, and would shoot his best friend in the face without a second thought if it suited his interests. So I had fun with it haha.
Tagged by: :iconvalethehowl:

Post these rules
Post 8 facts about your character(s)
Tag other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4)
Post their avatars and write their character's name next to them

Character: Baladeth Tieren

1: Baladeth has multiple "Forms" of course they all function the same. They're just different appearances, the one that he usually wears when he's out is very human in appearance, but the form he's most comfortable with is essentially a ball of fire.

2: Baladeth can sense how many people have died around a person, it becomes more vague the more people that have died but he doesn't really use this ability too often.

3: Baladeth is the king of spirits, who's main job is the usher of the dead. His job is to make sure that when something dies it's soul stays in the afterlife and that if something lives it should eventually die. Anyone who tries to disrupt this balance has to either be educated on the folly of their ways or swiftly punished.

4: Baladeth views resurrecting a soul from the dead to be one of the most heinous acts one can commit. Essentially taking something that knew eternal peace and happiness and dragging it back to a world of pain and suffering infuriates him and, indeed, he would have to punish anyone who decided to partake in such an action. Usually with a swift death followed by re-sending the soul that was brought back right back into the afterlife.

5: Baladeth is incredibly powerful, to the point where even he doesn't know his own strength. He's not willing to try lest he accidentally destroy the world by accident.

6: Baladeth is not allowed to kill anyone unless they violate the sanctity of the balance of life and death. Even then it has to be a heinous act against it. He cares little for problems such as war for land, money, power, etc. 

7: Baladeth is responsible for creating "The desert of glass". A section of land approximately two hundred miles across that is coated with a thin layer of glass and is totally uninhabitable. This was necessary to make sure the balance of life and death was protected.

8: Baladeth was once human and he wishes for nothing more than to return to that. But he refuses to until he knows there is a replacement for the spirit king. He'd like to die but he's "too busy to do it just yet". 


:iconmini-munch: Nishi

:iconcurly-artist: Krinkle

:iconmrdatatheawesome: Zakc

:iconkotablickie: Tripp


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Happy Birthday!
HowdyImHowdy Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018
hey? do you have some sort of base for making your sprites? I'm asking since all of your sprites seem to almost always be on the same pose(no offense) and I wanted to make my character in your style since we both audition to the dreamcatcherOTC.
CHOCO-D Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh no offense taken. Yes I use a base for the sprites, if they're a standard human than I have a preset one that I like to use for simplicity sake.
HowdyImHowdy Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018
can i use it?
CHOCO-D Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
While I'm flattered that you would want to use my sprite as a base I would have to politely decline. Sorry to seem rude but I would prefer to hold onto the base for now. Tho if you wanted I could give you a few pointers on discord
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Haha thanks for the birthday wishes : P
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