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Fifi le lipstick oun mouthe

Last Fifi!
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Sexy body Fifi has

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This is my 6th critique, and I'm probably a bit rusty, so I'm try to go easy on my words. Ok?

Now, first off, I really LOVE the effort you have put into drawing Fifi La Fume from Tiny Toons. Her curves are really outstanding, and the shading presented in this pic adds to the sensual mood, in my opinion. I also like the idea of Fifi here putting on lipstick, like in an episode named "Aroma Amore".

Honestly, this is very a sexy work of art! And I believe you have a drawing skill unlike any other! Just lovely! Keep up the good work! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="387" title=";) (Wink)"/>
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She's adding in lipsticks to look beautiful.

This is wonderful.
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Someone reposted your artwork
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So you can see why Warner didn't make more than 2-3 Fifi solo vehicles ? She, like Minerva, was giving the wrong message to kids.
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Awesome drawing of Fifi. :)
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I love this! She's awesome :la:
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There's so much to like about this piece. The colors, the pose, the positioning. This is a wonderful piece, indeed.
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Hair ribbon and lipstick. I just realized she's copied Ms. Pacman's fashion.
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She loved to put on lipstick.
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When I was little Fifi la Fume always gave me funny little "feelings", today I know exactly what those funny little feelings were, and now this pic has brought allllllllll of those wonderful feelings back. 

Excellent work

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This is amazing too! :heart: ^^
That's beautiful! The world needs more Fifi fan art.
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WOO-EE!!! Quite saucy I must say. I like it! :D

I luv how she's up on her toes and everything!
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sexy ass you have there fifi
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I would like to be your lover, Fifi La Fume!
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smexy ass fi fi has smexy ass
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Arch: She was the reason why I learned to endure skunk spray.
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