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Auntie tVixen: Dance with the Buffalos

I did an auntie Vixen thingy
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LightReading2's avatar

nice look on her face with what they have in mind for her.

lucaschannel07's avatar

she's cute. but i hope those bison gets the f$ck beaten out of them if they do anything that isn't being sweet to her!!!

JohnDavidbiehl's avatar

Squall Fox is best Fox.

ratler's avatar

shes one of my faves :3

Wallaroo's avatar

Something tells me that Big Chief wants first dibs!

tails-zet's avatar

Looks like she's in TRIBles (bad pun, I know)

FrostTheHobidon's avatar

This might be troublesome for her

Valsalia's avatar

Man, why did I never get to see this part of diplomacy in my 4X games

chochi's avatar

Because you didn't buy the DLC, val...and just like diplomacy, capitalism requires you give something to receive something.

tigerfrenzy's avatar

Bruh...why you have to bring reality into the fantasy realm T_T

Subhueman's avatar

hell yeah dude, love this character's design

Zaparcik's avatar

Auntie Vixen is always a pleading sight for eyes.

JohnDavidbiehl's avatar

Agreed, I loved her since her first appearance.

SuperShanko's avatar
Oh, Auntie Vixen, when will your hijinks cease?
A-Log's avatar

She's gonna be definitely sore in the morning.

SkraytheRiolu's avatar

i crave more auntie vixen

DEMarq's avatar

This could ba a old time porn "Dances with Buffellows" =^_^=

Niklas-Teac's avatar have done this before have you XD

DEMarq's avatar

Directed some...yes.

DEMarq's avatar

Private during my....late teens.

I also used to do a bunch of home movies during my movie phase..

Niklas-Teac's avatar

yeah thos were the days but.. how could you stand out with all that buzzing?

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