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OMG! X_x I pass tree days in otakuthon. (from August 13 to 15)

:star:Otakuthon started on friday at 5 pm. OF course! *u* The first thing I did, was to run into the shops once it started to open! There where so many things that I wanted to buy. ;A; I ended up using 150$.
I also met Jinichu :iconpeachmaiden: for the very first time >w<. Her voice is so cute!! Just wanted to pinch her cheeks.
Jini BD story is very pervy fufufuf. ( ;3; )v :heart:

*I took alot of photos :heart: but I`ll just upload a couple of them lather on. (the ones that i was with my friends.)

On saturday,I stay in otakuthon until 5 am. We went to the otakuthon night dance. It was pretty crazy. o.0
Then I went into a hentai video panel with some friends. XDDDD It was so weird!in the first pass 30 mins X_x I always close my eyes went it get to much...yeah... yu knaw xP

I was so dead tired on sunday.But I had a very awsome time with people there.Everyone where very nice and special. I just can`t wait to go back and give hugs loll
Now im just dead tired!!!!! ;A;
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If I ever start selling my art on DA,will you order/buy ? *u*

I don`t know how it works exactly tho...OTL I nerver sold my art before.
But i`m thinking of maybe purchase a one year premium membership on DA soon. .0.
It seem that we can have alot more fun and stuff to do XD

So I would also like to know what you guys will like me to sell (scketch,chibi,line art..??),if your interessed C: much should I be placing my price? O_o
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Well today i just discover exactly what we could do by joining a group in here xD
But I`m still not sure how to sumit a art to multiple groups XD

I need to test i supose

Anyway,today it was a pretty fun day~ I dy two of my friends took a half of my day =_=
But it was fun at the same time. I got laugh at them when they have like a giant,alien, aluminium head XD
And i got to eat some miammy cake! *0*
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