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Steampunk Tribal OC Tat



EDIT: Okay... Guys? I honestly do find it flattering that you want to use my design(s) for your character/IRL tattoos. But my designs are not public domain and I must insist that no one else ask me if they can use this particular design on a character of theirs or as ink for their own OCs. This design belongs on one of my own OCs.
I do find it flattering, I really do. But this design is for my own personal use.

Just a fun little project I did to illustrate a tattoo I gave an RPC of mine named Arctura Tyrvinus.

This steampunk'd tribal starts under her left eye and trails down her jawbone to end under her earlobe. It's inspired by the idea of the city in which she was raised; a city created by a mind inspired by Abney Park's Aether Shanties album.
That mind belongs to Hawk-v3, our DM for the RP.

And this is something I've noticed:
Not a lot of people seem to like blending the organic looking tribal with the cold brassy Swiss movement of gears and mechanics. At least, I couldn't find many to springboard from. :o

Character, design (c) me
Inspired by creations created by Hawk-v3
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I love the concept of tribal steampunk, and you and your designs are definitely an inspiration~