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Unadulterated loving

A bigger version of the Elphaba/Glinda commission :)

I'm in a Gelphie mood. And I had the song in my head all weekend: [link]
(not that I'm complaining!)
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This is friking gorgeous
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Love the picture, need to watch Wicked, has sounded great just haven't had the chance to see it performed yet.
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Dies of nosebleed
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ARGGGHHHHHHH Gelphie overload!!!! This is sooooo amazing and argggh the drawing is perfect and I think my life is complete! 
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Gives new meaning to the term 'melting in your arms'!
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lasdflkasdfjlksdfj your art style is so cute <3
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And I will be loving youuuuuu my whole life looong!

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This is so pretty!
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Love this, great job.
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Lovely and intensive, the composition is brilliant.
their dresses are like pools of chocolate.
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Loooove it! <3
Gorgeous! I really love the pool of fabric, and the sexy positioning of Glinda-she is not only straddling Elphie and pressing her body into her, she's got her breasts pushing up into Elphabas as she kisses her.
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i love your style, and the little blush marks you put in under eyes
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I love how Glinda's skirt swirls inside the lines of Elphaba's (also, I never knew Elphaba's name until now). It has this feeling of being like a circle; self contained and continuous. doesn't need a background.
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Love love love it!
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I absolutely ADORE those poses and composition and her hat <3
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>.< you draw all the things i lovee!! hahah go elphie go :heart:
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so bewitch lol i love
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