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Yep I've been corrupted by that poison apple.

Emma Swann and Regina (aka: Evil Queen) from Once Upon a Time!

Enjoy :heart:
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'_' man i think i've been hanging out in deviantart too long...i'm starting to notice peoples artstyle by random searches and be like "hey isnt that from so and so" and be right....that or all my fandom kinda just run the same with all you great artists here =P
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If the show won't make it canon then let the fanfics and fan arts make it canon. :hug:
Aw, man, not another one! The hope for more Red Swan is crushed.

'Cause, I mean- Emma's her lemur! Her lemur! Cutsie nickname ftw?
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just my meaning, but they're the perfect couple :love:
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not gonna lie, wasnt in this ship until just now.
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Just amazing...
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Love love love love
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yes. it's perfect
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I want so much more XD
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I always want to read fics where Emma is vaguely (if not all-out) dom with/to Regina.....Like, sweet, good-dom, not crazy-psycho-fictitious dom.

Really, though, that has nothing to do with the fact that this is an amazing piece :D

LOVE Regina's hair in this!
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Just love it **
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And there it was: Perfection! :D
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that's her grandmother :D
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At first I went "Oooh, sexy!" and then I realized who it was and couldn't stop thinking "That's not riiiiiiight. It's hot, but it's not riiiiiiight."

In other words, well done. :)
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Oh sweet jesus I think my heart just stopped O.O

The two hottest women on that show....*faints*
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Heh! As soon as I saw the thumb, I was OMFGNOWAY batlesbo is into Regina/Emma! EEEEEEEEEEE! And on Regina's immaculate desk too! XPPPPPP

Thanks for sharing!
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This is amazing!
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Recently got into this ship, I dont even watch the show, that is how epic this ship is.
Being as though you seem to be the only one on this site who's made a quality (and even sexy!) image of this pairing, you should...y'know..probably make some more.
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I always wondered how little of this pair I've seen in the net.

I guess now the place is a bit more completed haha
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