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I am.

I did not just cry at this scene. It was not irresistibly adorable and I did not have so many feelings.

And I would never draw Willow and Tara fanart.


©Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
Btw this is Episode 19 of season 4: "New Moon Rising" :>
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just recently got into watching buffy and i must say, it became one of my favourtíte tv series. not only because of the great humor, but also the dark and depressing themes it explores and deals with.
willow and tara have shaped future tv series and are one of the cutest couples ever. i'm so glad you drew this fanart. there are not many and with your phenomenal drawing skills, it makes the whole picture that much more precious. thanks!
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So cute! This is great! I love the drawings and shading. Great job!
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This is gorgeous. When this happened in the show I totally flipped out and fan boyed. The best scene in the show and on of the best light shading too. Great job.
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This is beautiful. I've seen this around the internet before, but I never knew that you were the artist. This gives me many feels.
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...this is beautiful...
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Your art. It makes me squee.
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WILLOW AND TARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I LOVE THIS <3
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Oh my god

Your Tara and Willow's hair and this scene and oh my god i just cannot

<3 <3 <3

Lovely just lovely
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Brilliant scene, lovely relationship, brilliant series, brilliant piece- bloody brilliatn all round.
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ahhhhh! this is beautiful!
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Awww. And I know how you feel. I most certainly didn't have so many feelings. Wonderful drawing.
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I just finished this episode TT^TT bravo
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...dammit. I wasn't planning to cry today.
Oh, they give me the feels. Points to them for being one of the most stable and realistic couples on the whole damn wonderful show.
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^ lol nice description.... this is not amazingly beautiful and lovely work, the style you have used is not individual and unique, the colours you've used are not harmonious and this interperatation of the couple is not awesome and cute... so overall... very not well done :D <3
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I love you so much for drawing that :iconadorableplz: It was such a fantastic scene, that was <3
And I love how you played with colour here! The way of colouring is gorgeous too!
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I really like the great light effects and the atmosphere it creates!
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I knew right from the text this was Willow and Tara:heart: Lovely^^
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Wiii :heart:
The sweet times :3
were are they from?
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Beyond excited when I saw ya did a Willow and Tara one! >3< My favourite couple of all time and done by one of my favourite artists! Yay! Love it! :heart:
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awww will and tara <3!! i tootallyy loove them x3!
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