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NO I'M NOT OBSESSED WITH XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS. Must be your mind playing tricks.

=D Lil' chibi Xena n Gabrielle. I really need to get working on those posters. 8D
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GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLEY! Those facial expressions are terrific!

s  o     m  u  c  h     t  o    s  e  e    .   .   .   
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Nice, nice, nice! You capture Gabrielle's innocence, her adoration of Xena...Xena's genuine lover for Gabrielle.  The expression of love on Xena's face is so!! Nice.  I think a lot of us are obsessed. After all - what other lesbian icons are in popular culture. Hell, what other truly beautiful relationships are in popular media? None!
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luca-dellosteStudent Artist

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BrOk3nW1Ng5Student Digital Artist
Love your Xena fanart! That show every girl-like-girl grew up with...! Hahaha!
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Especially love Gabrielle, after having seen the original at Ring*Con in October :)

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Would you consider doing Hercules and Iolaus? There's an astounding lack of fan art for Hercules (because Xena > Hercules I know butttt)
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chlove-artProfessional Digital Artist
Didn't watch any Hercules episodes, though I've seen those two in a few Xena episodes. I don't think I'll ever draw them though, too obsessed with Xena/Gabby, and girls in general :)
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I was going to say, judging from your gallery, you don't seem to favor drawing men very much. Or better yet, you could draw them as female! LOLOL
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Kaiju-Borru-ZettoHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, my childhood. And first favorite les couple >w<
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i like the smile :)
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omg omg. love LOVE your stylization <3
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chlove-artProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you :)
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So cute!
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Micah-CypressHobbyist General Artist
i loved xena >w>
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hrfarringtonProfessional General Artist
yay! :heart:
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I love Xena/Gabrille!! They were such an awesome and cute pair!! :D
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ShiverBeastHobbyist Artist
This is just too cute.
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FishinggurlHobbyist Digital Artist
do you watch xena online or do you have the dvds?
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Rainbowsrfun17Hobbyist Writer
im just wondering but ware is the girls other leg??
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kevinsanoProfessional Digital Artist
It's in the back somewhere. You can see the foot sticking out.
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Rainbowsrfun17Hobbyist Writer
oh i see it now thx :)
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I always prefered Gabby with the longer hair...
awesome job!
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