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Here is the most recent illustration I did for my webcomic Go Get a Roomie! 

Pussies oh my.
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adorable! need's more work
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Somehow I can't see YOU having a problem with pussies... or maybe I'm just assuming things I shouldn't? Wink/Razz 
om g u placed the kitty in between- oh my
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I love ur work! Have u ever thought about drawing Korra and Asami? I love ur kigo stuff and I know us do amazing with korraXasami
From legend of korra
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Ooh I need new webcomics to read / pad out the links section of my re-made site with (XD). Might as well be ones with great art! Off I jolly well toddle...
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So, basically, this is my all-time favourite webcomic (Boy Meets Boy), only with girls and still updating XD
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Love what you did with LT's hair :ndo: Also love how well this drawing conveys the sense that Lillian and Roomie are two people with such different outlooks and attitudes, and yet they're comfortable with each other and have no trouble sharing their intimate space (up to a certain point, that is ^^)
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That's adorable
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:happybounce: Love :happybounce: Love :happybounce: Love :happybounce: Love  

Awww! Your webcomic is my favorite!
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LT is having her weird but awesome dreams while Roomie is naked and wild while, hopefully, just asleep
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the coloring is just wonderful. I so love your work. 
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This looks so cozy, I wanna cuddle someone RIGHT NAO!
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Dare we ask what Roomie's hands/mouth are doing under there?   

...yeah, realistically nothing/snoring but I can dream....
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