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hahaha so i finally broke down and decided to make a tutorial!

all of this stuff i am refering you to is kinda my common knowledge i didnt read it from a book and i think i have take like maybe 2 art classes in my whole life...jk not including my art electives in school. but anyyywayys! here she is! a tutorial on the facial area of a girl! haha

its not really that great i just had some time to kill and this is what i came up with! and im kinda bad at explaining things so sorryy! :/

i would love to see your pictures that you create if your using this as a reference! i wanna see if my smartitude is of any help! haha but just send me a link on this picture or on my profile!

cant wait! hope this is of some use to you!
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Thank you very much for posting this helps a lot just started getting into drawing!! 
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I just used this to create a Mother's Day card.... XD
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Can you do a female body tutorial/ how you pose?
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Wow! That girl looks so cute and expressive... You're amazing!
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Is there a guy version for this ?
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dis hlped my friend (who is not a deviant )draw a LOT better when i showed this to her
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Thanks so much, this helped a LOT! 
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Oh my gods, this helps a lot. THANKS!!!
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UR ONE OF THE ARTISTS THAT i USED TO HAVE REFRENCED FROM: ESPECIALLY ur noses! idk why, but ur noses are like....FREAKIN'...GODLY to me, lol. this may sound extremely weird, buut...thnx a lot for them. without u, ALL of my characters may hav looked like some strange human speceias with slices of pie glued to the center of their faces ;p
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this helped me so much! thank you!
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Cool I will try!
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I love this. More cartoon-y style. Thank you!
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Awesome! I wanna trY!
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I made a drawing off of this tutorial, and it inspired me! Thanks so MUCH!
LINK:[link] and paste.
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awesome tutorial *----------------*
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Awesome Tutorial
this is gonna help me a lot :)
I've always wanted to draw pics like yours
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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Thanks, I am going to upload a picture of one of my drawings from this tutorial. ^^
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Here are two drawing I made thanks to this and the guy tutorial: [link] [link]
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