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the little prince: kageyama tobio [1]
[ royal au]
prince!kageyama x reader
- - - - -
"Who do you think you are, talking to Prince Tobio as if he's your friend"
As Tobio heads towards his usual meet up spot to see [Name], he passes an alleyway where he hears his name. It's followed by soft crying and Tobio can't ignore it. He walks into the alley where he sees four figures - one's on the ground while surrounded by the other three.
"Prince Tobio would never be friends with a stupid orphan like you!" The centre boy laughs haughtily and the other two chime in.
Upon a closer look, his eyes widen as he realises the figure on the ground is none other than [Name].
"Hey! Leave her alone!" Tobio yells at the group of boys that surround [Name].
They're shocked at the sight of a royal but they immediately apologise and run off. Tobio runs over to [Name], who's covering her eyes behind her hands in an attempt to hide her tears.
When she feels Tobio's hand touch her head, she jumps towards him, wrapping her arms around his body and c
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jacket: iwaizumi hajime
"Wah, [Name]-chan, you look so cute!" 
Iwaizumi grimaces at the sound of Oikawa complimenting his girlfriend and he turns around to hurt the brunette. He's stopped short at the sight of [Name] in his school jacket. It's much too big for her though he does like the fact that she's wearing his clothes.
He hears Oikawa whine when she pushes past him to reach Iwaizumi.
"Hajime!" She grins and pulls a pose for her boyfriend, "How do I look?"
A smile immediately shows on Iwaizumi's face. Instead of responding, he steps closer to her and pinches her cheek.
"So that's where my jacket went this morning," He muses as [Name] complains about the pain. She's lying of course, it doesn't hurt one bit, "You should stop forgetting your jacket, [Name]. What will I wear if it's freezing outside and you stole mine?"
She opens the jacket and wraps part of it around his body. It doesn't cover much of Iwaizumi but regardless, she tries anyway.
"We can share, of course!"
Iwaizumi rolls his eyes at his gi
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our ending: hikaru hitachiin
'[Last Name] [Name] and Kobayashi Kaito request the pleasure the company of Hikaru Hitachiin to celebrate their marriage at...'
His heart aches in his chest as he reads the words. There was once a time where she belonged to him. Hikaru always thought that he'd be the one to be sending out wedding invitations with [Name].
How cruel fate is.
He glances at the empty flower pot that's sitting on his window sill. Flowers were what brought the two together in the first place. [Name] worked in a small little flower shop near Haruhi's home and when the host club went in to explore more of the 'life of commoners', Hikaru was drawn to her.
He reminisces of the time where they spent hours talking about the different types of flowers and their meanings. She was infatuated with flowers and he was infatuated with her.
Hikaru's eyes return back to the flower part and he thinks back to the time they were filled with heliotrope flowers.
"Well, it symbolises eternal love so I ho
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maid cafe: treat [murasakibara atsushi]
"Welcome, master! Oh, Mura-kun, welcome back!" [Name] gives a smile to the male.
"[Name]-chin," He looks down at [Name] and raises a hand to his stomach, "Can I have my dessert this time?"
"Of course you can, follow me," [Name] guides him to an empty table near the window and hands him a menu.
"I'll be back in a minute to take your order, alright Mura-kun?" She lets him know, pointing to her other tables, "I have to attend to the other customers first"
Murasakibara's eyes are hungrily scanning the list in front of him and barely nods. [Name] walks off to look after the other customers before she returns to the purple haired giant. As she makes her way back to Murasakibara's table, Luka grabs her arm and pulls her to the counter.
"[Name]-chan, isn't he one of those boys who caused a huge disruption a while back?" Luka whispers to her.
"Hm, well it was more so his friends than him. I've know him for a long time and trust me, he won't do any harm," [Name] assures Luka.
"Well if you say so
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maid cafe: cosplay [1] [kise ryota]
"Theme?" [Name] questions aloud. Despite working in the café for almost two months, she wasn't aware that they did themes. Momoi arrives at the café moments later and sees [Name] staring at the sign.
"Ah, I forgot to tell you, didn't I?" Momoi exclaims, causing [Name] to jump at her sudden arrival, "Once a month, we cosplay to attract more people to the café! You missed last month's because it was your day off! Yumi-chan likes to surprise us so she keeps the day and theme a secret until the actual day!"
As the two girls step into the café, Yumi rushes up to them and shoves an item into their hands. [Name] puts on the cat-eared hairband, it's her job after all.
"I thought of all of us wearing gloves that look like cat paws but I figured it would be hard to serve customers while wearing them," Yumi pouts.

Thank god for that, [Name] gives her a wry smile, "If yo
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time's up: nishinoya yuu
mafia!nishinoya yu x civilian!reader
- - - - - - - -
Idiot. Idiot. Idiot!
Nishinoya curses to himself, his eyes flashed with a mixture of anger and worry. Due to his job, danger lurked everywhere for him and his wife and so, Nishinoya would constantly make sure that his beloved [Name] was safe at all times.
However, their small, minuscule arguments slowly built up to a fairly large fight in which [Name] stormed out of the house and into the streets. He was so blind with rage that he didn't even think of chasing after her.
Once regaining his senses, Nishinoya immediately pegs it out of their shared home. Although he's still angered by her words, his worry for her is ten times larger. He also curses at her for being an idiot and leaving the house, out into the dark. Anything could happen at any time and [Name] knew that as well. She knew she had to take precautions once she agreed to marry him.
With each minute passing and [Name] not in sight, his anxiousness increases. He searche
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distance between love: sawamura daichi
It was difficult to maintain a long distance relationship and sometimes [Name] wonders if it's worth the trouble. After both she and Sawamura finished their third year of high school, they both went separate ways. Sawamura went to a university in Tokyo while [Name] studied abroad.
They didn't want to break up, their love was too strong to break but the distance was absolutely unbearable. It's been four months since [Name] has last seen her boyfriend and she misses him terribly. With exams the past week, their phone calls were cut to a minimum. The timezones made it even more difficult. Their hour long conversations shortened down to five minute calls, at most.
Closing her biology book, [Name] checks her phone once again, in hopes that Sawamura had texted her. She frowns when her phone shows no new notifications and she sets it down on her bedside table along with her textbook. Closing the lights, she lies down on her bed and starts to think over her relationship with the male.
She wond
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guarded: oikawa tooru
The most beloved male in Aoba Johsai, sought out by the entire female population. They were all so desperate for his love and a lucky few were able to gain it. However, his love for volleyball strained his relationships. He couldn't understand these girls. 
They vied for his love which he gave. He gave them many things - gifts, food, attention - yet when he asked for one thing, understanding, Oikawa was left in the dust.
"You're too obsessed on volleyball, you don't spend enough time with me so I'm breaking up with you"
They're all the same, he thinks, I don't need anyone but my team.
He hardens his heart, maintaining volleyball as his number one priority. Oikawa didn't need someone who would leave him because of his strong love for volleyball. His girlfriend was never put below volleyball, they were on equal footing. Yet he had huge responsibilities as a key member of the volleyball team, he couldn't go frolicking away with his girlfriend
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chamomile: hikaru hitachiin
chamomile - patience
- - - - - - 
He brings her hand up to his lips and presses soft kisses against her cold fingers. Whenever he did this, her cheeks would turn a light pink and a shy smile would grace her lips. He would be able to clearly see the love she held for him in her gentle eyes.
Now, there's no response.
"I love you, [Name]," He can't hide the pain in his voice, "Please come back to me"
Hikaru tightens his grip on her hand, how long had it been since she squeezed his hand back? When was the last time he saw her smile? He can't control it, a few tears slip out. Hikaru hears the door open but he ignores it and hopes that they'll just leave. The only person he wants to see right now is [Name].
"Hikaru," Kaoru's voice comes out quiet, pleading, "Why don't you come with me to the cafeteria and get some food?"
Hikaru is silent and Kaoru lets out a sigh, taking it as a no. Hikaru's eyes refuse to leave [Name]'s face and Kaorus' follow his gaze. He grimaces a
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maid cafe: attracting attention [yosen high]
“Welcome home, masters~” [Name] greeted at the door, bowing. She had been working at the cafe for a week and she was more comfortable to the customs she had to do at work.
As she looks up, she hears the guy gush about being welcomed by ‘such a cute girl’ and instead finds five guys staring at her instead of one. A abnormally tall purple haired male stood out from his friends and [Name] immediately recognised the familiar face.
“Hello Mura-kun,” [Name] smiled at the giant, “Fancy seeing you here”
“Oh, it’s [Name]-chin,” Murasakibara looked down at the petite girl. He ignores the curious looks from his teammates and pats [Name]’s head.
“It’s nice to see you again,” [Name] told him and he returned the greeting.
The black haired guy beside him greets you with a smile, “Hello, are you a friend of Atsushi’s?”
“Yes, we used to go to Teiko together, I’m [Surname] [Name]. Nice
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maid cafe: first day [akashi seijuro]
[Name] took a few deep breaths, attempting to calm herself down. She had just finished getting ready to start her shift and hid in the staff room to get herself together before starting her first day at work. [Name] straightened up when she heard the door open and turned around to find Momoi standing at the door.
Noticing her nerves, Momoi walked over and gave [Name] a small slap on the back, “Don’t be nervous, [Name]-chan. You’ll be fine! Come on, watch me take the first customer”
[Name] gave her a nod and followed her out of the staff room. The bell of the front door rang and Momoi quickly walked over to greet whoever arrived.
“Good afternoon, master~” Momoi bowed and [Name] couldn’t help but let out a little snort. It was embarrassing to say the least and she could only hope that no one she knew would show up.
She eyed the pink haired female, mentally taking notes of how Momoi conducted herself in front of the guests. [Name] rolled her eyes
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maid cafe: kuroko no basket [1]
[various x reader] ; intro
- - - - - - - - - 
“You can start tomorrow, [Name]-chan,” The manager of the maid cafe told [Name], satisfied with her answers during the interview. [Name] let out a sigh of relief, unable to hide her smile.
[Name] bowed, “Thank you so much Hiragi-san! I really appreciate this!”
The manager merely laughed, “No need to be so formal, we’re going to be co-workers from now on. Just call me Yumi-chan!” [Name] thanked the older woman once again before leaving her office.
The moment she closed the door behind her, [Name] was suddenly attacked by a blob of pink. “Congratulations on getting the job, [Name]-chan!” Momoi grinned, rubbing her cheek affectionately against [Name]’s, “I can’t wait to start working with you”
“Thank you for helping me get this job, Satsuki-chan,” [Name] let out a laugh, “You’re the best"
She smiled back in response, “Follow me, I
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family: kagami taiga
[ parent! au ]
daddy! kagami x mother!reader
- - - - - - - -
“Taiga, stop trying to teach Kaname how to shoot,” [Name] sighs. 
She’s sitting at the steps to her back door, watching her husband attempt to teach her son how to make a perfect shot. [Name] had let it be for a while, thinking that Kagami would eventually give up.
“What’s wrong with teaching him how to shoot?” Kagami asks as he hands his son the ball again, “If he starts now, he’ll be amazing when he’s older!”
“Taiga,” [Name] deadpans, “Kaname is three years old”
Kagami merely ignores his wife and stands behind Kaname and adjusts his position to face the basket. The three year old boy throws the ball up in the air and it goes quite high for a three year old. Except the ball returns straight back down onto Kaname’s head and he starts to cry.
[Name]’s maternal instincts click in as soon as she hears the sound and shov
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to die for: kageyama tobio
[ king au ]
+ king!kageyama tobio x knight!reader
Goddammit! Where are you?
“King Tobio! It’s dangerous, you must stay in the throne room!”
Tobio ignores the distressed calls from his knights as he races through the halls of his castle. He lets out a scoff under his breath and grits his teeth. She was out there fighting for the kingdom and they expected him to just sit there?
The moment there was an announcement of enemy forces being seen, [Name] rushed straight out of his sight. Tobio was well about to chase her down when he was caught up in an array of commotion that swept him to safety. He would have no problems staying in the room until his troops successfully dealt with the enemies but with [Name] fighting out on the front line sent pains through his chest. He would not be able to rest easy until she was safely in his arms.
She had been a close friend
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to love again: ushijima wakatoshi
daddy!ushijima x reader
- - - - -
“Ushijima-kun, welcome back,” [Name] smiles at her old friend before crouching down to meet little Himeko’s height, “Hello, Himeko, how are you today?“ 
As his daughter talks animatedly with [Name], Ushijima watches the two closely. There’s a small thought in the back of his mind of how [Name] would make a very good mother for Himeko but he pushes the thought away. 
She doesn’t and has never liked him in the way he wants. 
Ushijima was surprised the first time he saw [Name] since high school. It had been a month since they reconnected. Himeko had continuously begged her father to go to the new sweet shop that opened around the corner from her elementary school.
Ushijima and Himeko had made it a routine to visit every three days. He normally wouldn’t allow his daughter to eat so many sweets but his feelings overtook his brain when Himeko asked to go back to the sweet shop ag
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wingman: kenma kozume
kenma kozume x reader
- - -
“Why are you making me buy all these things again?” Kenma sighs, his eyes fixed on his PSP while he walks between Kuroo and Lev, “I have better things to do them buy items that aren’t even for me”
“Good question, my friend,” Kuroo slings his arm around Kenma’s neck and the younger male stumbled forward from the sudden weight. “Well, if I remember correctly, isn’t that really cute girl working today?”
Kenma glares at him, a slight blush rising up to his cheeks as he fixes his eyes back onto his PSP, his fingers heavily smashing the buttons. So this was his goal. 
“Oh~ Are you talking about [Name]-chan, senpai?,” Lev grins cheekily, “You’re right, she is a cutie”
“What? Who is this beauty you talk about?” Yamamoto suddenly lunges forward, “How come I’ve never heard of this girl, huh?”
“That’s because you live on the oth
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