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Sunrise W10


Sunrise, FKA: Sun; French Fries; Potatoes.

This is a basic af name but I thought of it because of Gambino so I'm aight w/ it.

Subtle yellow color scheme, includes version w/ and w/o the addressbar, an .XML to import into Classic Shell for the taskbar, and all the walls shown.

    Required 🔮

                 Press Alt+Shift+P to hide the bottom status pane in Explorer.
                 Install OldNewExplorer - you only need to check use command bar and hide up button.
                 If you use Classic Shell, go into the Classic Explorer settings and disable "Show status bar" to remove the second status bar it makes.

    Other things used 🌐

                 AutoHotKey scripts to remove titlebar and taskbar icons, more info on the ricing guide
                 Install Classic Shell to change the taskbar color (import the XML file included).
                 Install all the fonts included, may need to restart for them to install 100%.
                 Install Mactype for the font rendering to look much better.
                 Follow this guide to remove the language indicator.
                Icons are Numix.

How to use 🍙

                 On Build 1607/1703/1709/1803:
                •  Make a system restore point!
                •  Install Blank.ttf, run Blank.reg.
                •  Copy the theme folder contents directly to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
                •  Patch your system using UltraUXThemePatcher.
                •  Open Settings > Personalization > Themes > Select the theme.            

Premium version .zip contains the same as the normal download, it's purely to donate. n.n
© 2016 - 2021 chloechantelle
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Very nice piece of work - well done! :clap:
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When I try and load the included xml file all I get is an error...

>Error loading XML File
>Load into Classic Shell Start Menu Settings!.xml

>XML Parsing error: This settings file is intended for another component 'StartMenu'.
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Are you importing the .XML into the Start Menu Settings?
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Okay ignore everything I said before, I was running the wrong thing. I'm supposed to run the Start Menu Settings shortcut right? Nothing opens when I run it
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Find the Classic Shell folder (in ProgramFiles) and open Start Menu Settings then click Import, alternatively in the start menu search for Classic Shell and it'll pop up.
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Yeah I'm trying to open it but nothing happens when I launch it.

Here's what it looks like…
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Try opening it from this folder in Admin: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Classic Shell
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That doesn't work either ;-; 
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Well I'm not sure, you could try reinstalling Classic Shell.
Have you got it working before?
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How did you disabled icons in the taskbar ?
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TbarIconBlanker, I noted in the description how to install it. ^^
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Very nice of you to include a free download along with paid purchase. Others should follow your example.
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A lot of theme makers won't because when there's an option to get it for free 99.9% of users will choose that over paying, that's kinda hard as a creator. ^^
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it's rare to see a light theme coming from you, i like it, the close (?) icon is really particular (in a good way), the fact that the caption in the taskbar aren't center really tick me off tho
chloechantelle's avatar
Thanks! Yeah it bothers me that the tasks aren't either, no way to fix it w/o making the taskbar super buggy tho.
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Yay! I didn't think you would release this considering it didn't win the vote.

Nice job again as always!
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Thanks yo!
All of the options I'm still doing, it was more to see interest and which I should work on first. ^^
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I will never stop favouriting.
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Aw thanks so much. n.n
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deca nice work, are u thinking about nonflat theme?
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Thanks! Yeah I've just really been into flat/no shadow themes lately, I do have a few ideas for more color variation and/or gradients tho. uwu
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