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Stars Align


No I'm not naming a Visual Style after a Yung Lean song aha ha ha ha ha

I've been working on a new Visual Style, so in love w/ this color scheme, it's called "Stars Align" or just "Align", and I'll probably upload it similarly to Maim, w/ a whole set of skins etc for it. uwu

I'm planning on releasing the dark flat VS soon, it has an actual name now, and I'll probably release this theme when I get time to finish it and think of a better name.

OS: Windows 10, as usual
Visual Style: Align, TBR
Firefox theme: Edit of my Moko Firefox Theme, TBR
Sublime Text 2 theme: Align, TBR
Rainmeter: Edits of my Console and Music skins
Steam skin: Stars Align Metro, TBR
Icons: An edit of Flat Folder Icon by Guizzepe
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Very nice shot  
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Ty! I love your folder icon. uwu
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Looking mighty fine!!!
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Thanks so much Jamie!
Kaze95's avatar
dope, and that steam skin hnnng~~
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Thanks yo! I'm really happy w/ how Steam looks. uwu
Kaze95's avatar
ye! its beautiful
Rokuchounen's avatar
such a nice name~ i really love the colours too (and basically everything you make) ^q^;;
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Aw thanks so much! n.n
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Very cool setup! 
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Wow that look really nice!
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Well done looks really good
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Looking good! Loving how simple the taskbar looks, and the close button reminds me of juiceboxxxxxx's Midnight VS for Win7 which I've always liked.

Question regarding the taskbar icons though, how did you hide them completely? I've used your AHK script to hide them but I always seem to run into programs that still have an icon. Is it just me with bad luck or am I doing something wrong?
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I never used Midnight but I've seen people use it and it's gorgeous.
Thanks yo!

It's a script that was originally made on W7, so a lot of settings windows, W10 apps and some programs still unfortunately show the icon, it's neither it just depends on what programs you use. uwu
ripsinthepaper's avatar
Ahh, that might explain it. Thanks a bunch. :)
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