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Rose On The Moon W10


I'm so proud to present Rose On The Moon. 🌹🌕
A collaborative effort between KMGraphiks and myself to make a sophisticated and minimal desktop suite.

                  Version for Build 1511, Build 1607, Build 1703 and 1803.
                  Run "winver" from the start menu to check what build you're on.
Make a system restore point before installing.

    Includes 📦

                Rose On The Moon Visual Style and Rainmeter skins.
                Registry file to remove titlebar text.
                Fonts to install.
                Quick Access Icons.
                All wallpapers used.

    Required 🔮

                 Press Alt+Shift+P to hide the bottom status pane in Explorer.
                 Install OldNewExplorer - you only need to check use command bar and hide up button.
                 If you use Classic Shell, go into the Classic Explorer settings and disable "Show status bar" to remove the second status bar it makes.

    Other things used 🌐

                 AutoHotKey scripts to remove titlebar and taskbar icons, more info on the ricing guide
                 Install Classic Shell to change the taskbar color (import the XML file included).
                 Install all the fonts included, may need to restart for them to install 100%.
                 Install Mactype for the font rendering to look much better.
                 Follow this guide to remove the language indicator.

    How to use 🍙

                On Build 1607/1703/1709/1803:
                •  Make a system restore point!
                •  Install Blank.ttf, run Blank.reg.
                •  Copy the theme folder contents directly to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
                •  Patch your system using UltraUXThemePatcher.
                •  Open Settings > Personalization > Themes > Select the theme.               

               Optional (just for the font):

               •  Install all the fonts included, may need to restart your PC for them to work.
               •  Install WinAero, only change the Advanced Appearance > Fonts section.
               •  Install Mactype for the font rendering to look much better.

May 18th 2018 - Updated for April Update!
April 15th - Updated for Creators Update! Thanks go to niivu for helping port! Highly recommend you to go watch him.
April 2nd - Initial beta release! Let me know of any problems you encounter!
© 2017 - 2021 chloechantelle
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me aparece el tema en el lugar de selección, presiono pero no me aparece, no instala el tema al parecer, ayuda porfavor

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This skin looks amazing. But for some reason the 'show desktop' button on the taskbar is missing, I checked the use peek option, but it isnt there, is there any way to fix this?

Doesn't look like in the pictures... it's worst..... total garbage...

Idk why but file explorer is mostly white while inactive tabs on the taskbar appear like if they were just pinned. Can you help me fix?


does it work for windows 2004?

it doesnt change anything on my pc. not even the explorer :/



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1909 port when?

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1903 please! Beatiful theme :)
Can someone teach me how to remove this
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can you tell me how did u do your opera red

Comment télécharger ce thème ?
how can i download the theme
can you edit status bar to colour like theme colour?
thank you!
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It's not possible to change the color of the status bar, you can remove it though.
but may i ask
how to turn of that pesky white bar under windows explorer?
ya know? when you click on something on windows explorer, theres a white bar under it shows the information of the folder or file you have opened
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there is a simple fix. Click on the original windows 10 theme. then go over to the file explorer and click organize -  layout - uncheck the details pane and preview pane. hopefully that helps.
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