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Nocturnal W10

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Nocturnal remade for W10!

                  Version for Build 1511, Build 1607, Build 1703 and 1803.
                  Run "winver" from the start menu to check what build you're on.
Make a system restore point before installing.

    Includes 📦

                  6 versions of Nocturnal! Including w/o addressbar and w/o task indicator.
                  A Rainmeter skin to show a shadow under your taskbar.
                  The Quick Access icon and how to change it.
                  A registry entry to overwrite titlebar font, install the font, run the .reg file and log off and back on to apply, thanks to neiio for that.

    Required 🔮

                 Press Alt+Shift+P to hide the bottom status pane in Explorer.
                 Install OldNewExplorer - you only need to check use command bar and hide up button.
                 If you use Classic Shell, go into the Classic Explorer settings and disable "Show status bar" to remove the second status bar it makes.

    Other things used 🌐

                 AutoHotKey scripts to remove titlebar and taskbar icons, more info on the ricing guide
                 Install Classic Shell to change the taskbar color (import the XML file included).
                 Install all the fonts included, may need to restart for them to install 100%.
                 Install Mactype for the font rendering to look much better.
                 Follow this guide to remove the language indicator.

    How to use 🍙

                On Build 1607/1703/1709/1803:
                •  Make a system restore point!
                •  Install Blank.ttf, run Blank.reg.
                •  Copy the theme folder contents directly to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
                •  Patch your system using UltraUXThemePatcher.
                •  Open Settings > Personalization > Themes > Select the theme.               

               Optional (just for the font):

               •  Install all the fonts included, may need to restart your PC for them to work.
               •  Install WinAero, only change the Advanced Appearance > Fonts section.
               •  Install Mactype for the font rendering to look much better.

May 18th 2018 - Updated for April Update!
April 15th 2017 - Updated for Creators Update

January 6th - Included Nocturnal OG (yellow text, blue accents), updated Rainmeter into a skin file (finally).
December 21st - Updated VS's and removed refresh/dropdown in addressbar buttons.
December 4th - Small changes shown here, included Nocturnal Color.
September 26th - Finally got around to remaking the other versions, updated preview to match how it looks updated, figured out how to set accent color w/ VS f i n a l l y.
August 15th - Included default.reg file.
July 30th - (Hopefully) fixed titlebar buttons showing twice and overlapping, updated Nocturnal Edit.
June 11th - Finally found out how to remove the show desktop line and fixed selected task bg sizing, also included Nocturnal Edit which makes small modifications and brings back the taskbar line.
May 6th - Removed original Nocturnal, you can find it here if you still want it, for some reason, fixed navbar and fonts and other things.
April 22nd - Changed address bar color of maximized explorer window.
March 18th - Themed Quick Menu and fixed tray icons finally, and included 2 new versions, Nocturnal White and Nocturnal Minimal.
Nocturnal Minimal removes the address bar, and Nocturnal White removes the tray icon and replaces the start button to meld with 10 icons better. Preview the new versions here.

February 14th - Fixed images on higher DPI than default, made horizontal scrollbar thicker, fixed white areas, included more shadow options, removed line under open tasks for left/right taskbar.
February 5th - Fixed window buttons and text, changed right click menu color, included Blank font.
February 1st - Themed list borders (removed white border from programs like Notepad, uTorrent), changed color of selection text so it's easier to read.
January 23rd - Removed second option, merged the two, themed task manager.
January 15th - Fixed progress bars, added second option w/ no borders and moon phase titlebars.
January 3rd - Initial release.

Premium version .zip contains the same as the normal download, it's purely to donate.
Thanks so much to all the people who have bought it, it's appreciated. n.n 🖤 

© 2016 - 2020 chloechantelle
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nice theme

really satisfid

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obiokenwaNew Deviant

will this theme work in the latest Windows 10 2004 build?

cousel's avatar

It probably wouldn't... it's been updated only to work in 2018 versions of Windows 10 so... version 1803

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piidesuNew Deviant

Hi! I really love the theme but I can't seem to fix this last part the file explorer is white yet other prompts are already themed. Really do hope you reply soon. Took me a whole day to set this up but it really is gorgeous!

gothlemon's avatar

extremely beautiful, but doesn't work on 1909 build :c

flexbell's avatar

nice piece

u1994nes's avatar
u1994nesHobbyist Interface Designer

please update for 1909! it looks fantastic btw...

MOJO941999's avatar

will it work with 1909

danqaws's avatar

Do you have plans to update to 1903?

Meadowflaw's avatar

It works fine on 1903.

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nemesis23845's avatar

Does it work with 1903?

Dravenz's avatar

Does it work with 1903?

PXJesse's avatar
The download button seems to be broken. I see two download buttons on this page, a normal download and a purchase button. I thought the purchase was optional, but the normal download button redirects me to a "oops, this page was not found" 404 page. Is this theme purchase-only?
PXJesse's avatar
It already seems to be fixed, I got it downloaded and installed and it looks awesome! Thank you so much for this beautiful theme.
Xeohype's avatar
doesnt work for 1809, straight up breaks the tops of windows in windows explorer too
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rudykayaHobbyist Digital Artist
HussienSalam's avatar
work for me :)
LaDisputeAMF's avatar
i cant seem to figure out why this gradient thing is happening...
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Hey! I've been using your theme on my laptop and desktop for a while, but for some reason on my desktop I can't get my right click options font to change (explorer fonts change just fine). But when I disable the theme I can get custom fonts working everywhere. Is there something I can do to get the fonts to change when the theme is applied? Anyway love your work by far the best looking win10 theme out there!
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Fixed- had to re download the file

your stuff is still inclear and not easy to install!

in one of the files/folders, "QA Icons" theres a notepad file called "how to install"

Go to line 124
Create a system restore point
Follow instructions"

there is NOTHING at that pastebin!!! it just redirects to your website!
So where the hell is line 124??????
how am i meant to continue the installation guide if i cannot follow it?

This is by far one of the most unintuitive install guides iv ever seen in my life.

You really need to make a step by step, in order install guide. this is just all jumbled everywhere, its imposbille to follow, half the stay you have writtin there, just isnt there at all
chloechantelle's avatar
Glad you fixed your issue friend, the instructions are fine as everyone who can read correctly has been able to follow them.
I don't know how more obvious I can be than writing requires and how to use in bold.
SureNinja's avatar
My zip file had both of those. Was able to install it just fine. Just installed 3 days ago. 
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