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Neutral W10

Version for Build 1511, Build 1607, Build 1703 and 1803.
                  Run "winver" from the start menu to check what build you're on.
Make a system restore point before installing.

Neutral is based around a beige color scheme that I've been in love with and wanting to do something with for a while.
Relaxed colors that are easy on the eyes and minimal features make up the aesthetic of Neutral.

Includes 📦

3 versions of Neutral Visual Style; Neutral, Neutral Alt (white backgrounds) and Neutral Minimal (no addressbar).
Registry file to remove titlebar text.
Quick Access Icons.
All wallpapers used.

    Required 🔮

                 Press Alt+Shift+P to hide the bottom status pane in Explorer.
                 Install OldNewExplorer - you only need to check use command bar and hide up button.
                 If you use Classic Shell, go into the Classic Explorer settings and disable "Show status bar" to remove the second status bar it makes.

    Other things used 🌐

                 AutoHotKey scripts to remove titlebar and taskbar icons, more info on the ricing guide
                 Install Classic Shell to change the taskbar color (import the XML file included).
                 Install all the fonts included, may need to restart for them to install 100%.
                 Install Mactype for the font rendering to look much better.
                 Follow this guide to remove the language indicator.

    How to use 🍙

                On Build 1607/1703/1709/1803:
                •  Make a system restore point!
                •  Install Blank.ttf, run Blank.reg.
                •  Copy the theme folder contents directly to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
                •  Patch your system using UltraUXThemePatcher.
                •  Open Settings > Personalization > Themes > Select the theme.               

               Optional (just for the font):

               •  Install all the fonts included, may need to restart your PC for them to work.
               •  Install WinAero, only change the Advanced Appearance > Fonts section.
               •  Install Mactype for the font rendering to look much better.

Premium version .zip contains the same as the normal download, it's purely to donate. n.n 🖤

May 18th 2018 - Updated for April Update!
April 28th - Updated for 1703
April 14th - Updated for 1607
Feb 28th - Initial release.
© 2016 - 2021 chloechantelle
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Cool.  It reminds me of my old XP theme Azamov.  What did you use to create this one?
ASAMOV vs v1.0 by maxvision
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Windows Style Builder.
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thank you, i'll give it a look see.
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How i can inastall after Download?
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mrinalbhatt's avatar
Any update for 1709 version?
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It depends on the difficulty of porting to the latest update, but chances are it won't happen any time soon.
really need this for w7 users :(((
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If you want you could commission me to make it for you, as remaking it from scratch on W7 would be the only way I could do it. ^^
tutosspearsILOVE's avatar
please for users windows 10 version (1703)
creators update!!
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Yaiishi's avatar
Slick! Good job. Looks really good.
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Thanks so much yo! ^^
Incredible! May I ask, how did you get rid of the accent color bars on the taskbar? It looks so good! 
chloechantelle's avatar
Thanks! It's the Visual Style, I adjusted the margins for the taskbar in the VS. ^^
Welp, that sounds advanced for a newbie like me, haha.
Just tried the theme and looks pretty dope, thank you so much for that!
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Editing/making themes is a little advanced, but you can read more about it on nanami and in this guide if you're interested, glad you like it! ^^
Gave it a quick read, I'll better stick with my basic customizations, I'm afraid of breaking windows or something like that. Thank you again :D
Hey love the theme, however i've been having an issue with your firefox themes. When i hide the titlebar the minimize, maximize and close button stop working any ideas?
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It's the downside to removing the Firefox caption buttons, you remove them and have buttons depending on your VS but they don't work.
To show the default icons that do work find line 596 and remove the selector for #titlebar-buttonbox, then change the window color to match the button bg so it doesn't look as strange.
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How to install it ?
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Make a system restore point and then follow one of the guides listed in the description.
TomsStudio's avatar
So, UxStyle doesn't work anymore ? :/
And i don't know if it's me but the VirualCustom Link don't work
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