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Frail Beauty Like the Purple Flower


The background I purchased from  It is #2 from the Gothic Darkness set.

The skull of the short-tailed manis is from The Pepin Press
“Skeletons”, a collection of permissible-use images on CD if you buy the book, which I did.

The owl is from:…


The grieving lady is from:…


The spider webs are from:…


The fog and mist is from:…


The spiders and bugs are from:…



The title is from:

I know that all beneath the moon decays,

And what by mortals in this world is brought

In time's great periods shall return to nought;

That fairest states have fatal nights and days.

I know how all the muses' heavenly lays,

With toil of sprite which are so dearly bought,

As idle sounds of few or none are sought,

And that nought lighter is than airy praise.

I know frail beauty, like the purple flower

To which one morn oft birth and death affords;

That love a jarring is of minds' accords,

Where sense and will invassal reason's power;

Know what I list, this all can not me move,

But that, oh me, I both must write and love!

      William Drummond of Hawthornden (1585–1649)

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