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January 5, 2012
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-Eye Tutorial-

By ChiyoNemuri
-It's a pretty big file, so it might take a bit to load, sorry XD-

Download for full size.

Phew. I had no idea how long it takes to make a tutorial XDD And I hate that you can't make preview images anymore with these >_<

Anyways, I was asked to do this a while ago... and I finally did it! ^^ I hope it makes sense to a few people at least... oh! And I appologize ahead of time for any spelling or grammar mistakes >_>;;

This is, of course, my own way of drawing. I'm not saying it's the only way to draw or anything~ :D There are a lot of other awesome tutorials out there too. But I hope this one helps someone at least~ :love:

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ChasingShadowsPhoto's avatar
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
saskia80's avatar
saskia80's avatar
It looks amazing
I like this! This will be helpful for a lot of people.
traional's avatar
I can't describe how useful this has been! Thanks loads!
PlushieHime's avatar
this was very helpful :P and I noticed I was doing eyes wrong xD i shaded the white part but it never matched the shade in the iris at all, and i didnt know the little lines point towards the center of the pupil :) I knew the pupils were round but i only rounded the sides :')  Gonna practice this tomorrow :P thank you :)
AzureWolf1994's avatar
Very helpful tutorial, really explains the architecture of the eyes...
Wootzors's avatar
more like these. for someone whos spatial abilities is lacking, I need this
WeeBabey's avatar
I printed this out to study off of inrl to help me later on while I practice drawing.  Thank you for making this tutorial.Karen Kujou Emote (Kiniro Concert) - Happy 
Loveableredpanda's avatar
Out failing (sorry my hand slipped and I hit submit)
Loveableredpanda's avatar
This is a really good tutorial, only if I could draw well, then I could actually use it with
Tudhalyas's avatar
Excellent step-by-step tutorial, thank you for sharing!
Angel-Fields's avatar
I think this is the best tutorial I've seen so far.  It makes drawing eyes both simple and realistic-looking. Thanks for making it!
dx75's avatar
I congratulate you on taking on this task, because I know it's time consuming.

My main crit and advice to people looking at this tutorial is that your 3 examples are all missing a tear duct which gives your eyes a symmetrical appearance. The human eye is decidedly asymmetrical. 

Even in animation/cartoon/manga drawings the basic structure of the eye, though exaggerated, still tend to hold true. 
A-Bounded-Soul's avatar
Nicely done 😁😁
pearchu-san's avatar
waoh this ish the best tutorial ever! i had to draw black butler for a request -.- so the first one really helped!
Sonnenkatze346's avatar
Your tutorial is interesting! :) (Smile) Maybe I will make use of it.
ChromeValentine3's avatar
This tutorial is fantastic! It'll really help me draw eyes better (I stink at drawing eyes...hehehe...) Sweating a little... 
7stryder7's avatar
Thanks for the great tutorial on eyes... it has made things much clearer ;)
ozmo420's avatar
out of all the turtorials I've looked at, this seems more in my ball park!!!! THANKS SOOOO MUCH!!! :iconfavplz:
WesleyBlakeReese's avatar
This is awesome. XD I can actually use this.
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