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It has occurred to me that people may come to this profile page, see the one deviation, and think "Well that's a shame, I wanted to see more". So, if that's the way you feel about it, I'll tell you a secret. I keep almost all of my unfinished (as in, I haven't fixed them up to be all shiny and clean) drawings in my scraps folder. Since they are all just doodles that I work on while at church or in a waiting room, I don't work on them very much. And I don't upload them very often either, so you can expect to see 2 to 6 "doodles" a year from me.

Also, tragically, I lost my sketchbook, so the two for the latter half of this year are lost.

Some day, when I get myself a decent image editing program, I will fix these up to be actual deviations. But until then, you're just going to have to settle for the raws.
And I plan on attending the annual Llama Fest this weekend at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Utah. But that's pretty much where my interest in llamas stops. Ok, I admit, I did have a roommate once (I love you Jen!) who made up a really fun song about llamas, and we sung it all the time. But that is (seriously) the complete expanse of my interest in llammas.

That is why having tiny pixelated pointless llama badges on my art page is ridiculous to me. I don't mind if people want to give me badges for good deeds and such. But really, I haven't even put up that much decent art on this site. And I don't know why I was given the badges. It seems almost mocking at this point.

I'm thinking that it may be time to start looking around for a different site to post artwork. Perhaps one that caters to people older than fourteen.

~ Gyah, I know this post sounds all crabby and such, but ever since I finally came to terms with the fact that I am turning thirty next month, I've been acting strangely. It's not bitterness and anger (as many expect an old spinster like me to feel) but more like senioritis.