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The Picture of Sun and Moon

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Published: June 9, 2008
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"I found a very weird picture in my father's study room yesterday..."
"What picture is that??"
"Ehm...It is a round picture with a golden frame...There's a Lady with red dress, and a man with blue dress. I remember there's sun behind the lady, and moon behind the man."
"Oh? I bet they are the legendary guardian of Sun and Moon..."
"But the picture...somehow is very weird and creepy..."
" turns like the clock...When it is day time, the sun will be on the left...but when it's night, the moon will turn to the left...."
"Wow...That's cool~!!!"
"And...and...the's supposed to be made of pure gold....but when you touch it...the side of the sun will be really hot...and the side of the moon....feels like ice...!!! glows in the dark..."

Ignore the conversation above...XD It is just another story crap by me when designing this picture. I got many reference on the clothes and tried a lot of textures from CG textures, and it took me 3 days to finish everything...I didn't CG for few months...Hopefully it's not too bad...@.@

Done in Photoshop 7.0
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My DA best friend drew my dark and light OC's for me chippanythechipster.deviantart… its them in both their human and elemental forms :D
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This reminds me of between the movies Tangled and Rise of the Guardians, Rapunzel and Jack Frost, Sun and moon. I mean it makes sense because In the Rise of the Guardians, Jack Frost is a Guardian chosen from the moon and Rapunzel is the healer from the sun.
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these two remind me so much of my OCs i made up in my head only if i could draw them, but anyway i love this so much :la:
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DreamyOwl1123Hobbyist General Artist
^o^ amazing!!!
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This reminds me of a poem..
It's originally in Dutch, but I tried to.. sort of.. translate it into English ^-^;

You are the moon
Watching over the night
I am the sun
Waiting for you,


We can not reach each other
We're not on the same course
When you rise then I will perish
Leaving me with great remorse
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friendofvampiresHobbyist General Artist
wow! I like the yin yang, but you oo it t a whole new level! I love it
SYMMETRYYRTEMMYSHobbyist General Artist
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Wow, that boy is hwat<3
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Kaleiyah-PHobbyist General Artist
Reminds me of Amaterasu and her brother Tsukuyomi... Very nicely done.
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yoni-mieruHobbyist General Artist
awesome job!
and the conversation's not half-bad either :D
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broken-loveless Photographer
how pretty!
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shiimooHobbyist General Artist
that's an amazing picture~
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psychobone7892 Interface Designer
awesome! ^_^
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Beautiful! I love the sun and moon, hot and cold concept.
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nice color~~
hw can u did tat?
chiwayu's avatar
It's quite hard to explain how to colour a

Thanks for the comment~^^
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not bad, ur imagination for story also quite strong.. hmm
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kivrin82Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
The balance of curves and straight lines is quite pleasant. The vivid color make it look so good.
Really good work. :heart:
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so nice~~~~~
i like ur colour~~~~:glomp:
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good work on the photo manipulation..XD
wah......maybe i shld try this also >.<
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not photo manipulation lar pure CG lai de
kaede86's avatar
my eye failed me..

u too pro de jor..XD
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