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Currently in Switzerland. (IMPORTANT NEWS)

Currently in Switzerland. (IMPORTANT NEWS)

Hi, people who in theory shouldn't be here. Before I start make sure to visit my accounts on Twitter and/or Instagram. All links here: Okay, so... remember when I told y'all I would be moving to the land of the Swiss this march? Ah... pre-COVID times were so peaceful... WELL GUESS WHAT MY GOOD BITCHES AND HOES I MANAGED TO GET INTO SWITZERLAND THIS SEPTEMBER!! It's been almost 2 months now and I'm really loving it here! Only downside is that I have to improve my french but if this means I can live well far away from Spain then so be it! ...And that's pretty much it. I'm still trying to find a way to draw digitally again (I miss my old desk... ;_; ) but you should know I'm all fine. ... ... (Please send me your luck for I need a job or I'll be kicked out by law ;_; ) -------------------------------------- Next time you'll hear from me will be because of any of these two reasons: 1- Going to Switzerland failed, so I'll have gone back to Spain

MOVING to Switzerland. Or at least trying to

MOVING to Switzerland. Or at least trying to

Hi people! How you've been? Things are still not tied up and ready, but I think it's safe to speak about this anyway. I'll try to make it short, but I don't promise anything :laughing: I'll be moving to Switzerland next month. Long story short, my mother's fallen in love with yet another country and is sending me there (the previous one was the UK). This time it won't be just to travel (as I did before for Off the Hook's concert), but to stay there for a long time and be finally independent. While the circumstances aren't the best (I'm only level A1 in French, I don't know German and I'll probably have to get a menial job), THIS IS GREAT! I'll finally be away from my mother, which was the thing I wanted for a looooooooooooong time. Once I get a job I won't have to worry much since Switzerland is the rich bitch of Europe and thus, salaries are stratospheric (which explains all price tags there :XD: ). What does this mean for you? Not much. I'll focus even more on original art so I

Commissions are open elsewhere + some more info

Commissions are open elsewhere + some more info

Commissions Hi people, how are ya? Me, I'm ok. Jobless, but ok. I'm just here to tell y'all that I've reopened commissions! However, all orders, processes and questions must be done by DMing me on Twitter or IG. I don't accept notes anymore. Sorry pals, that's how it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Here's my new prices and info, if any of you are interested: And for better viewing, check out this thread: Anything new? ... Not really, tbh. I've been trying to be more productive artistically, but I gotta admit I haven't done much. I really wish I could start making a website, but alas, I need content for that. Money isn't an issue (YET) 'cause there are loads and loads of discounts and offers around for when you're starting, but it's the content I'm missing. I need comics and cool pics, y'all! :laughing: So, yeah. I'm also trying to get another web development job, but I'm so unlucky. Sigh. ^^;

Thanks a lot + serious, VERY important information

Thanks a lot + serious, VERY important information

I'm writing this because of 2 reasons: First, just in case you are the kind of person who ignores Status Updates :laughing: Thanks a lot for all of your wishes and luck-sending :aww: Next week I'll go job hunting once again. It sucks, but I really need a job. :) The second, and most important one is: I'm considering letting my DeviantART account to die in a month or so. Maybe later, maybe sooner. Who knows. My loss of job has made me see that I really need to get rid of all that doesn't match my brand so I can start building my website and a following that would like my brand, and so I can kickstart my art career. But, Chivi, hol' up. Wh
Lmao I'm moving to Switzerland. Info HERE
Made a NSFW Twitter account (same reason as in Tumblr). If you're interested, comment asking for the username.
The end of the Susie saga... is HERE:
Hey people, how are y'all? Saw a post on reddit talking about a commission scammer on DA that ran off with a client's money. If you find someone called NidavellirStudios, DON'T commission them. The post can be found HERE. Stay safe, ppl.
Hi people! I've reopened commissions, but with a catch. More info here:
THANK YOU ALL for your b-day wishes! :D There were too many comments to reply individually without a copypasted answer, so here's your thanks! :laughing: Next year I will stop being here around this time (if things go well) so I won't be able to
Just posted a pic on Twitter and Instagram (LINK)! Make sure to follow me there! TW: Chivi_chivik IG: chivichivik
The storage and deviation management is the only good thing from this site. I wish other social sites had that so I could hide my posts without deleting them :hmm:
Okay, I nuked this account already. There are no more pics on my gallery, and I switched to the horrible horrible Eclipse in order to get rid of all unnecessary profile widgets. This doesn't mean my website is close to completion (I need to do A LOT
I know I often say "this journal is important", but this one is important, for real, since it talks about how I'll leave this site. Please, have a read, and ask if you need anything clarified:
Thank you everyone for your support. Really means a lot. :)
I got myself a 27" 4K monitor for my laptop! It's HUGE lmao :XD:Technically I wanted this so I could draw better and so I could draw commissions easier (but now that I have a job my energy to draw is at -1000... sorry ^^;)Anyway, I'm very happy with ...

Hey Splatoon fans from all around, I need HELP: Does in...

  |  87 votes
  • My version says/implies that they live separately
  • My version says/implies that they live together at Pearl's
  • My version says/implies that they live together somewhere else
  • I read somewhere that they do, in fact, live separately!
  • I read somewhere that they do, in fact, live together at Pearl's!
  • I read somewhere that they do, in fact, live together somewhere else!
  • There's no mention of this in my version whatsoever...

Splatoween Halloween Splatfest!! What you choosing: Tri...

  |  180 votes
  • Trick!! :nana:
  • Treat!! :drool::gummybear:
  • I don't play Splatoon/I don't have a Switch :tears:

Since this is my last week with core membership let's h...

  |  84 votes
  • Holy heck yes!! :XD: (comment please!!)
  • I can't remember anything... ^^;

I'm like hella late but whatever: 1 year anniversary Sp...

  |  189 votes
  • Squid!!
  • Octopus!!
  • I don't have the game...

Crap I almost forgot! Splatfest time!! How do you like ...

  |  192 votes
  • With Pulp! :dummy:
  • Without Pulp! :bleh:
  • Not playing, but I'd vote with pulp
  • Not playing, but I'd vote without pulp

[Random question, Splatoon 2] Curiosity got the best of...

  |  102 votes
  • I play WITH motion controls and I'm rank S or higher
  • I play WITHOUT motion controls and I'm rank S or higher
  • I play WITH motion controls and I'm rank A- or higher
  • I play WITHOUT motion controls and I'm rank A- or higher
  • I play WITH motion controls and I'm rank B+ or lower
  • I play WITHOUT motion controls and I'm rank B+ or lower
  • I play WITH motion controls, but I don't play ranked
  • I play WITHOUT motion controls, but I don't play ranked

[Random question] Back at it again with this question: ...

  |  182 votes
  • X
  • S+
  • S
  • A-,A,A+
  • B-,B,B+
  • C-,C,C+
  • I don't play ranked.
  • I don't have the game.

Random question: From all you Splatoon 2 players, who w...

  |  151 votes
  • Me! I've got it all preordered already B-)
  • I'll buy it in the future, but before its release date! :D
  • I'll buy it in the future, but it'll probably be after the release day :)
  • I'll go buy it once I get the game/once I get a Switch! :dummy:
  • Not me, I'm not interested in it :hmm:

Random question: Out of all Splatoon bands, which one i...

  |  99 votes

6th important question: Do you play INDIE games?

  |  179 votes
  • Yes. All the time.
  • Yes, but almost never, to be honest...
  • Yes, but whenever there's no nice AAA game around to play!
  • Yes, but only the free-to-play ones!
  • Yes, but only the ones that can be bought/downloaded on Steam.
  • Yes, but only very Japanese stuff like VNs or RPG Maker games.
  • I used to, but I don't play indie games anymore.
  • No, I don't play indie games.

5th important question: Do you read webcomics?

  |  202 votes
  • Yes. Often.
  • Yes, but just from time to time.
  • Yes, I'm following several webcomics at the same time!
  • I'm currently reading my first one!
  • I've only read one in my entire life.
  • I've tried reading some, but none of them appealed to me so I dropped them all.
  • No, I've never read one.

4th important question and last question about NSFW mat...

  |  208 votes
  • Ayy fucking hell I swear like a fucking sailor and I fucking love it!
  • I find them funny!!
  • I don't use swear words but I like to see them in fiction!
  • I don't use swear words but I don't mind them at all!
  • I don't care about them/Yet again, none of my concern.
  • I swear a lot but I don't feel right seeing those swear words in fiction...
  • Swear words are bad and wrong. Full stop.