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First I would just like to start off that I am very sorry for kinda letting this page go really dead.

I work a full time 40 hour job from 3pm-11.30pm and that takes up a LOT of my time. I dont have much free time to really manage this group. Nor make adopts anymore. Plus Im not super experienced in running events.

So with that being said;

Goopy Ponies are now a free an open species!

You are more than welcome to make as many as you please at any tier.

I would like the more rarer ones to be a little limited, like please dont get crazy and make like 50 mythical ones lmao.

All I ask that you please credit me where credit is due, like on a ref sheet or if someone asks. You dont need to credit me on every single piece of art that you do. You can tag me, I dont mind.

Please keep submitting to the group though! Im not closing the group page.

I may change my mind at a later date when I have more time available and have more energy to close the species off. But for now, and until further notice, the Goopy Pony species is open and free to make.

Any open adoptables left unclaimed that catch your eye you can comment to claim and its yours!

Anyways, thank you everyone that still loves your weird headless slime horse and still have stuck around. Again, Im sorry that I havnt been around much.

Im grateful for everyone who has supported me thus far. You guys have been amazing <3

Now go! Create your dream horse!!

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WinzerHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry to hear that you don't have much free time! I have definitely been in the same boat before with work, it really sucks when you lose your hobbies/interests to work ): Thank you so much for this opportunity, though! I just love these goopy little friends :heart: 
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acervineHobbyist Digital Artist
i have two goopies i got ages ago and i still keep them close to my heart, glad to hear from you and i hope to see more goopies around!
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halloweendonkeyHobbyist Traditional Artist
yeaaaaaay !!

well, not yeay that you are too busy to deal with them ;A; ! but  they are so lovely, they deserve to be seen more ! <3