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September 23, 2007

- tutorial - IE voodoo doll by *chisa is a beautifully presented and well explained tutorial. Finally I have the means to inflict physical harm on the browser I've come to affectionately call Internet Exploder!

I wonder though, can I make it with the same pins I used to make my Firefox plush?

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- tutorial - IE voodoo doll

Because after posting [link] I've had people asking to sell them, but I can't for various reasons including copyright issues and the fact that I really can't be bothered XD

So instead, here's a tutorial so you can make your own IE voodoo doll to stab and maim and hate! Have fun! You can download the pattern here: [link]

This tutorial is very much based on [link] by :iconaiwa-9: whose work I adore, so please check out her gallery ^_^

EDIT: If you make an IE voodoo doll please send me a photo cos I'd love to see how they turn out and what people do to them!
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This is so different than art work i am used to doing. It actually has a lot of applications that i could find quite interesting. Though i don't think i will be making a IE voodoo doll, i could use this same concept perhaps for a cartoon character for my daughter. She is 3, and i know she love something like this.
Zephyrus-kun's avatar
Why IE!!! good tutorial. it is just the choice.....OMG... XP
StrixAstrophel's avatar
:evillaugh: NOBODY LIKES YOU INTERNET EXPLORER!!! :pointandlaugh:
IECompat's avatar
you should try Edge
imnotsana's avatar
Keartricity's avatar
Heheh, if I ever get to making plushies and stuff, I'm making one of these and giving it to my dog, XD.
janey-in-a-bottle's avatar
made my own IE voodoo dolls by following your tutorial: [link]
it was a lot of fun. :D

thanks so much for sharing. :hug:
chisa's avatar
Ahahahaha awesome!
can you use other letters ?
mePara's avatar
Will you give me permission to translate this lesson into russian and publish it at non-commercial web journal for hand-makers? Of course, with links to your page.
chisa's avatar
Loony-Madness's avatar
Good idea when the internet is dead again :XD:
TheSpottedfur's avatar
Haha, nice!

Next up: IE dartboard. XD
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AlexanderPeev's avatar
Great tutorial! :-)
(The only reason I don't have one of these yet, is that I'm too busy fixing MSIE annoyances, or just too lazy to go buy the materials...)
bazzlebeyond's avatar
I'd like to make one of them and stick a pin into it whenever I have to fix an ie bug on my site. :)
Pheir's avatar
omg lol xDDDDDDD, this certainly would make me feel better ;3
cupcakemichi's avatar
... i still say you should sell them...
SpaceManPLUSPLUS's avatar
Every Web designer need it
origami-yoyo16's avatar
lol thats so cool! xD now i want to make one!!
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