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Internet Explorer plush voodoo

This may seem a bit evil, but trust me, if you're a web designer and have ever tried to get something to work nicely in Internet Explorer (especially <6) you'll understand the feeling of wanting to stab it. Repeatedly.

My first plushie! Very crappily made on a whim, but I think my workmates will appreciate it. It's made of super cheapo felt from a discount store, stuffed with same cheapo felt, with a dead face embroidered on for good measure.

Was fun though, gonna try make some (non voodoo) plushies in future!
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But honestly, the old IE sucked. The new one's pretty good, actually better than Chrome (for me). I use both, though.
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best thing Ive seen all day lol
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i'm having that problem all day long (dog dam ie6)

sory for the bad inglish
zero0reborn2's avatar
sorry i's typing in a hurry because my boss was beside me
i ment to say (god damn ie6
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I love this idea! Maybe I'll repoduce it! :D
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Absolute win.
I definitely loooved this.
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I'm a webdesigner aswell but for me Firefox most of the times screws things up.
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... you should mass produce these...
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Nice one! I hate IE too >_< Firefox all the way! :D
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Oh gosh! This is so amazing! x3
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IE is a sin against humanity!!! D:

*stabs plushie viciously with needles* Die!
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That's the spirit!
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wooot indeed!
stabs IE for crashing*
brilliant idea XD
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-evil thoughts-
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I agree too :P

firefox rules! XD
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Oh god I know your pain. I had to do html web designing and I had 6 too. D:
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hahahaha this is gorgeous xDDD

i would like to use it xDDD
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hahaha, gorgeous!
i hate the internet explorer too, so i use mozilla firefox - hahaha xD~~
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So true! Go Firefox!
Nice work on this! ;)
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lOl! Cool plush, nice idea!
Firefox rulz!
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