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What is the word for it? Desperation? Despair? Anguish? Two years on and the anger does not subside, Consistent highs and lows, like the seasonal tide. And I feel it from you and you, saying leave her to her languish. Leave me? What will it take for you to see it with me? For me? It pains my heart when you raise a mere mention of Her. To hear it from you, my blood - I am disgusted, I am angrier. From anyone else, they wouldn't understand; but you, you disappoint me.
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Every time my eyes open to each new day, The mind leaves for a moment and I find myself caught- In between the sub-conscious and reality… Dangling, like on the edge of a cliff, Should I hold on? Or should I let go… Certain days, when I am strong, I hold on to the edge, and pull myself up… Only to realize, that all is sane and normal; I'm back in reality. Other times, I lose the grip; Down I go into the fantasy world, Where of course, You will be waiting to catch me… "Lose the common sense and have fun!" You cry out to me, as I safely land in your arms… Here in my beautiful world, Anything and everyth
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ALOT ... now that i am depressed , for no apparent reason , i think of the good times i had writing ... telling my friends about it , how we'd come up with real twangy twists for fun sakes ... those were the good times ... i remembered in the past , writing kept me going ... when i was sad or angry or happy - whatever - i just wrote everything down and somehow , a real short fiction will come out of it ... those were the good times ... sometimes when a fiction comes out that i feel is worth putting on dA for everybody else to see , and you watch those critiques coming in and you realise there's so much to improve on ... and i miss that .
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Thank you for your comment on my shot! It's the most useful one I received on dA so far ;)
lol ... glad u found it useful ..

maybe i'll hope by your gallery again some day ..
ahh hi there.... well iv yet to mod my holga.. but iv got friends who does it..
Hmm... its so rare to see writers frm sg in dA...
I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope the job isn't driving you up the wall too badly (do you get any time to just chill?). :hug: You'll find some sort of inspiration one day; that's kinda what happened to me. Will you visit this site every so often? It would be nice to hear from you more (or do you not have much time to spend online?).
Yes, I'm still doing poetry (which is one of the reasons I'm back). I've been busy with school, gone the whole summer, didn't write much poetry, and I lost interest in devArt for a while. What about you? How's your writing going? How's life?
Hey hey chiroptera! Long time no "see." How you been?