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OK, so, I know how this looks: "He's back" he says. "He's gonna post art" he says. Lemme just say that my diligence to keep an update is at the very LEAST evidence that I'm still serious about doing stuff here.  

I won't post a huge bah list of my current obstacles (which are many), but I am up to my neck in classes this semester. In particular, my Epistemology class. If you are unfamiliar with what epistemology is, it's basically the study of what can be know, which is a funny and a mind debilitating story. Consider this:…

Didn't get it? THAT'S OK! That's the easy stuff! : D..... :'D
If you didn't check it out, DC;DC (Don't Care; Didn't Click): It's hard to understand and makes you think things you never thought you thunk about thinking.

Anywho, it's hard and I find myself spending the majority of my time trying to figure out what I'm reading, and feel absolutely exhausted afterwards. On top of that, art improvement and story planning time has been little to none. So I'll have to postpone the comic project for now, but I AM halfway (-ish) done working on some gifts for a few DA peeps, so you'll be seeing that sooner or later as the semester (hopefully) dies down.

TL;DR: I reallyreallyreally wanna post stuff but am bogged down by school and won't have things up for a while :CCCCCCCCC

So yeah! I Hope whoever reads this is having good times! And if not, I hope they get better! :D

Take it easy guys!
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Hey guys!

It's been one week and nothing new. That's simply because classes just started and all of my friends are back and things are just happening everywhere.

NONE THE LESS! I am the seriousness about starting up that project I mentioned before and have been planning it out in my spare time. Still need to do characters designs though. BUT before I can even do that, I decided shortly after writing the last journal that I would take on a small project before buckling down on the first one.

It'll take me a bit to get this going with college stuff and everything, but I am determined to see this through.

So yeah, wish me luck and hopefully within the next week or two I can finish this prior-project and get to the real stuff.

Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna grab my sketch book, chug this Faygo (it was a one time thing, I swear!), and get my Mentalist on (good show).

See you all around!!
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Hey whoever is still around!

It just so happens that I've decided to try and come back and actually do stuff again! I've been doing game design for the past year and tried to leave art behind, but it always found a way to say "SCREW YOU, I'M APART OF YOU FOREEEVER!!!" So here I am. I'm still doing games, but it'll still be good to be somewhat ok at this whole art thing, so I'll give it another whirl.

I'll be submitting finished sketches in the way of my last 2 posts as I see fit. A lot of people say they wanna see my art so here it comes (hopefully). I know they aren't full pieces, but I just don't have the time to photoshop every piece. Regardless, hope you guys still enjoy them.

Lastly, I've been thinking (for a whole minute and a half), and have decided to try and start up some type of comic here. We'll see how that goes.

So yeah, TL;DR: I may be back posting neat things, but don't count on it : D

Ollie Outy
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The verdict is in!

It's a collie!
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If a robot were to where clothes, what would the clothes look like or be made of?...

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Hello all! Just an update, that journal was getting kind of outdated.

Just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive. A lot of things are going down so I still may not be returning for some time. To let you guys know what's been going on here are


I am currently in my 4th semester of college at MSU (Michigan State University). It is awesome. I love this place and all of the friends and experiences I've had up here. Thing is, I've got my work cut out for me this semester.

Despite having a 4 day weekend, my job requires me to stay up from 11:40pm-7am, so my sleep schedule is a little wonky. But the real pow to the kisser is my class line up. I'm learning 3 separate disciplines all in one semester; coding (using python), flash and other interactive media that I've never heard of, and 3D modeling.


Yeah. And it doesn't help that I didn't get my text books for some of my classes until the end of the second week (kind of couldn't help this, my vault though).

This with a whole bunch of other things in my life are key contributors to keeping me off deviant art. BUT ALAS. I am planning on teaming up with :iconno-yoichi: for an upcoming tournament, and I've been really trying to find the time and inspiration to crank out 2 new character, complete with their own reference sheets. So hopefully you guys will see that soon.

I have a lot of reading so for my skype friends, I'm sorry if I'm not on as much, or even at all these upcoming weeks.

I hope everyone has a good (insert period of time).
Until next time!
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Hello Folks! How goes your lives. Mine is a bit poo at the moment. So get ready for

BAD NEWS THEATRE!!!!!! *Surprise scary organ keys here*

Bongi Chirunga, A simple college student from MSU, had plans. Big plans. He was going to juggle so many things unrealistically, that it would blow, you, AWAY! But as time would reveal, things were about to get REAL!

This Autumn, prepare for an adventure with which the likes you have never seen. As He tries to complete all of his obligations, he finds things are harder than he thought they ever would be. NOW, sacrifices must be made (:iconnuketown-oct:), yes, I must back out), and he will put aside all that he holds near and dear (I'm going on hiatus and removing many many things from my DA that I consider poop)...

But there is light in the midst of his dreadful discovery, and that light.... is TIME!!!!! Yes, with enough time, he hopes to come back better, smarter, more skilled, and oh so much more awesome..... ya know what, scratch that last one.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll complain, but when it's all over, you'll be glad you stuck it out.

Bongi Chirunga as himself
All of his deviantwatchers as those who will complain and be upset


Bongi's Hiatus/dropout of Nuketown/ Gallery clean up....The MOVIE!!!!!

and I STILL plan on getting to those dern free sketches!!!!!!

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That is all...
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Sup folk! College has just started and things are gonna be intense.

Gonna love my philosophy class.

LOVE my college ministry! Made possible by Christ, of course.

And I'm gonna try to get a job as a night receptionist. (pretty much I check in drunks after midnight to the dorms....pretty much).

Round 2 will be quite interesting. It may also be 4 parts.....yeah...

So because this is so short, I will leave you with two awesome links…

Have a good one Folks and I hope you guys enjoy your school years!!!
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I WOULD start this off with anoth 9 facts meme, buuuut, for certain reasons, I will hold off for this chapter.  Instead, Sometime soon, when I have Deviations of certain characters posted, I'll do a journal fully devoted to the characters I still have to do. The list is as Follows:

Roy (Pry's dad)
Random Character

So! I have won my first round in an OCT tournament! *random unenthusiastic crowd* yay... I haven't been using ALL of my time wisely, but I've done enough to gurantee the next round is gonna look a lot different in some aspects. In a good way I assure.

My opponent, :iconfireballdragon: had an interesting character. Aside from the Spectator entry, I MAY have other plans for him, but we'll see.

Be expecting a Spectator entry and the next Round for sure. College is starting up September 1, so even though I really wanna get some Character sketches in, we'll really have to see how things pan out.

I still owe free sketches guyz!!!

1. :iconemerarose: of her character Telrich
2. :iconsensparda18: of her characters Cyn, Nicolai, and Sage
3. :iconcranberryofdoom: of her avatar
4. :iconlulzyrobot: of Spiers
5. :iconmeithrose: of his character DEVILOT!!!!

Lets Hope to see more up later. PEACE!!!!!
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Hello one and all! It's been a little while since I posted a Journal...maybe I should post more often. Tell me what you think on that matter....

Since I got like....a lot of these, I will just post 1 for every new journal I make. Today's selection: Pry!!!! *random yells and cheers*

1. Post nine facts about your character
2. Tag 8 other people
3. Post their names with the creators avatars

1. Pry hates fish in every way shape and form

2. His Favorite Color is outside the visible spectrum of light (he can see outside of it)

3. Even though Pry says he doesn't care what people think about him, he really doesn't care much for what people think about him.

4. His favorite activities include star gazing, cloud gazing, clear sky gazing, and just pretty much looking up at the sky.  

5. He helped out and stayed at the town orphanage before he ran away (very responsible of him)

6. Pry's motto is "Stay silent and out of the way". A motto he knows all too well  

7. Though not fond of group training (or training at all for that matter) he enjoys a good sparing match

8. Despite his power, he likes to hang out in dark places

9. not really a fact about him, sort of, but he had another childhood friend besides Vulca. She ran away while Pry and Vulca were still kids.

In other news, I'M FINALLY FINISHED WITH MY :iconnuketown-oct: ENTRY!!!!!  My first round opponent being :iconfireballdragon:'s Plate Face. Not the best, but It'll have to do for now. I'm picking things up I wasn't before, so expect something way better planning, story, and appearance wise.

And I still haven't given up on these, I'LL DO IT I TELL YOU!!!!

1. :iconemerarose: of her character Telrich
2. :iconsensparda18: of her characters Cyn, Nicolai, and Sage
3. :iconcranberryofdoom: of her avatar
4. :iconlulzyrobot: of Spiers
5. :iconmeithrose: of his character DEVILOT!!!!

That be all for naoh folks!
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Tagged by :icontezzy-arts: and she wants me to tell ya'll about one of my Nuke Town compeditors, Cody. So!

1. Post nine facts about your character
2. Tag 8 other people
3. Post their names with the creators avatars

1. Cody tends to act more cruel towards men than she does women, no one really knows why.

2. Cody is undefeated in fighting games.

3. She was very close with her previous superior (the guy with the sunglasses from my audition is her and
the rest's current one) and viewed her as a mother figure.

4. She secretly collects plushies of her favorite video game characters.

5. If someone finds out, she is not ashamed.

6. Before Joining S.T.A.G.E., she used to steal money by coding fake digits onto a credit card.

7. She has the highest IQ out of her group at S.T.A.G.E (there are six members in their group)

8. Cody literally has no capacity to feel compassion towards anything. A side effect of having her power (much like Starkh and tech)

9. She kind of hates this... kind of...

Now that that's done, I know you folks won't wanna read much, so I'll make this quick. Been busy with life stuff and working on my first round of :iconnuketown-oct: against my first opponent :iconfireballdragon: and his OC Plate Face. Things are picking up, and it pretty much has to be up by the 22nd. This means I am going to have to work my tail off to get this done. I will accept nothing short of prayer, solely because that is going to be the ONLY way I'm gonna make it, lol.


Anywho, I'm STILL planning to do these. Hey, I've already started on a couple.

Thank you for being patient for like...forever!

1. :iconemerarose: of her character Telrich
2. :iconsensparda18: of her characters Cyn, Nicolai, and Sage
3. :iconcranberryofdoom: of her avatar
4. :iconlulzyrobot: of Spiers
5. :iconmeithrose: of his character DEVILOT!!!!

Lets make things happen!
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Still here believe it or not.  I love not giving definite time frames, it makes me feel less guilty when I don't get around to doing things, :D.  But yeah, The school year is winding down and I have some grades to bring up from the ashes (actually not as bad as I'm making it seem), but there are some things that will be posted within the next 2 weeks.  Those being my floor T-shirt, and a "new" character for the upcoming OCT Nuke Town!

You'll have more on these within the next two weeks (yikes, gotta keep to these dates now).  Other than that, chatting it up with the cool crew on skype (you know who you are), and we'd love to have anyone who isn't a part of our get togethers to join in on the fun!

One last thing, my friend :iconsadistic313: is trying to improve his work, and you can help! If you have the time, drop by here… , and just throw some ideas out that he could possibly use to enhance the drawing.  For a bit more in depth description, just look in the link's artist's comments.

All things said and done (nearly), I still owe people sketches!!!!! I'm really sorry about everything, but I assure you, once I post my new character, your sketches should follow for reasons soon to be revealed.  Thanks for staying patient!!!!!

And AGAIN, the list is:

1. :iconemerarose: of her character Telrich
2. :iconsensparda18: of her characters Cyn, Nicolai, and Sage
3. :iconcranberryofdoom: of her avatar
4. :iconlulzyrobot: of Spiers (we all now who that is, that crazy kid.)
5. :iconmeithrose: of his character DEVILOT!!!!

Until next time Friends!!!!
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Bono aside, FRIENDS!!!!
Sorry for the short intermission, I'm back however.  Though i tend to say this a lot, I mean it this time..... I tend to say that a lot as well, lol.  No worries though, for i bring word of truth.  College is a crazy crazy place friends.  Hopefully when you experience it (if you already haven't) it makes a better person out of you like it has me.

Irrelevance aside (hey, i spelled that right without being corrected, lol)  I've been brushing up on a few things, so be prepared to see that before anything else.  The hiatus was also due to lack of skill.  The free sketches have been absent due to this as well.  I am currently working on some new ideas style wise, so just try and keep an eye out for those some time within the next....idk, while.

So, in short, yes, I am back. Yes, i will be posting stuff. And yes, you WILL be getting those free sketches....eventually...

Once again, the list is:

1. :iconemerarose: of her character Telrich
2. :iconsensparda18: of her characters Cyn, Nicolai, and Sage
3. :iconcranberryofdoom: of her avatar
4. :iconlulzyrobot: of Spiers (we all now who that is, that crazy kid.)
5. :iconmeithrose: of his character DEVILOT!!!!

Cya soon friends, got a lot in store for you in the coming week...wut, I'm serious this time!
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