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Star Trek Series 2 - 40

By chirinstock
The second away-mission.

This photo is part of a commission from Torqual. Thanks for working with us!
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Image size
3888x2592px 3.88 MB
Canon EOS 40D
Shutter Speed
1/83 second
Focal Length
24 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 17, 2008, 2:56:19 PM
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nicholasweed's avatar
"Ba, Buh, Ba, Buh, Ba, Ba, Buh! Shes Dead Jim...."
Love your espionage lying with your bellybutton showing. You should do another tribal warrior shoot too...
wolf-200's avatar
now there is a set of clothes you should of air-brushed away :)
Caringan's avatar
Why, girl? Why did you put on a red shirt in the morning? You should've known, that you are probably gonna die because of that...
necroz2012's avatar
My girls favorite is cheerleaders space of startrek
yankee30's avatar
Insert first commercial break here
bloodhound570's avatar
Beautiful girl. Excellent pics all round in fact
Hope to see you two gals back in action with more of these pics!
purpleh2o's avatar
Ah! Crap! Another lovely red skirt dead? Hope it was swift and painless.
madmax122776's avatar
Awesome pic! She is so sexy!
Aggh! Get Up! ...Please.. SOB
KristianasCoven's avatar
Here is the results of visiting a planet of vampires. :giggle: I hope you like it. btw what is the name of the model? So I can add it to the description. :heart:

chirinstock's avatar
Hi Kritianas - thanks for the link - vampires are fantastic :D

The model is me - Chiaki.


KristianasCoven's avatar
You're welcome! I love your photos. I'll make more for you soon. :heart:
Kalon-Deima's avatar
Why, the tricorder said she is dead afterall. Has it ever made a mistake? Don`t think so!

The pic is very nice, especially with death involved. Gives it a dramatic edge.
Erasmus99332's avatar
"She's Dead Jim!"
So did this one die because she was a Red Shirt or because Kirk fell in love with her? Those are the only two reasons why a woman dies in star trek, she is one of the cursed Red Shirts or Kirk and her had a fling, because all of Kirk's girlfriends died in the same eppisode they first met in.
chirinstock's avatar
I have a feeling she was one of the cursed red shirts!

If she is, in fact, dead ;)

Erasmus99332's avatar
Dalek1965's avatar
I'm sure that it's just a Vulcan Neck Pinch.
monsieurpaul's avatar
Don't worry guys, just a Spock's neck pinch.
undead-medic's avatar
*insert tricorder sounds here*

She's dead, Jim.
reznorism's avatar
I think she's dead Jim
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